At Akuna Pets we think Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are just the cutest! They are always so happy and full of enthusiasm. Our Cavie guests love their huge comfortable rooms and the fact that they have so many neighbours to say “Hi” to! Not to mention their bush walks and playtimes or the huge basket of toys they get to choose from.

When it comes to Cavaliers, Akuna Pets is the ultimate holiday destination!

Read on to see how Akuna Pet Resort takes care of holidaying Cavalier King Charles guests, including their special “breed needs”.

  • Nicknames Cavie, Cav, Cavalier, K.C.C
  • Lifespan 9 to 14 years
  • Country of Origin United Kingdom
  • Weight Male 5.9 to 8.2kg (13 to 18lb)
  • Weight Female 5.9 to 8.2kg (13 to 18lb)
  • Height Male 30 to 33cm (12 to 13in)
  • Height Female 30 to 33cm (12 to 13in)
  • Coat Medium/long, feathered and silky
  • Litter Size 2 to 6
  • Colour Tri Colour, black and tan, Blenheim (red and white) and Ruby (mahogany red)

Famous people who own Cavalier King Charles Spaniels past & present

Ronald & Nancy Reagan – Rex

Liv Tyler – Neal

Jennifer Love Hewitt – Charlie

Princess Margaret – Rowley

Mickey Rooney – Sir Digby

Cortney Cox – Hopper & Hardy

King Charles 1 – Rogue

Julianne Hough – Lexi and Harley.

Henry Winkler (The Fonze) – Charlotte

Websites with fun information & stories & Organisations that help Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Fun Facts

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was named after King Charles II

The King instituted a law saying that the King Charles Spaniel could not be barred from any public place, not even the House of Parliament where animals were usually forbidden! This law is still in place today.

Cavaliers are categorized in the toy group despite all other Spaniels being gun dogs. They have never been used for hunting and are first and foremost, lap dogs.

The Cavie was known as a ‘comfort dog’ and doctors even used to write people prescriptions for them!

Cavaliers were used as comforters to keep the laps & feet warm of Royalty and Upper Class women.

After World War II only 6 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel survived and all bloodlines today can be traced back to those 6 survivors.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are different to King Charles Spaniels. You can tell the difference as the King Charles Spaniel has a shorter muzzle, rounder heads and bulgier eyes as they were crossed with Pugs at one stage.

Clearly Cavie’s have been spoilt from the beginning and love nothing less than to be loved and pampered. Here at Akuna we specialise in love & pampering so you have definitely found the right Pet Resort for your King Charles Cav.


The Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are descendants of the toy spaniel breed, whose existence can be dated back to the 1400’s. They were often given to European Royalty as gifts from people in the far East. They were later named after King Charles II, as he adored this breed and was rarely seen without two or three at his feet!

The King Charles Spaniel was not a hunter and was purely a companion dog for the wealthy, used to keep ladies laps warm while they were riding in a carriage or sitting in a cold, dull castle. They were also used to attract fleas away from their owners so as to prevent them from catching the plague.

At some stage in the 1800’s their shape started to change, it is believed that they were bred with Pug’s and developed a smaller body, shortened muzzles and rounder heads. This varieties popularity boomed and the ‘old style’ King Charles Spaniel was nearly lost.

In the 1920’s an American named Roswell Eldridge offered a reward to anyone who could present an ‘old style’ King Charles Spaniel, the same as in paintings with King Charles II. Once the prize had been claimed and people had again seen the ‘old style’ King Charles they regrew in popularity and by the 1940’s were considered a separate breed and given the name Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to differentiate from the King Charles Spaniel.  

Despite the growing popularity the Cavalier was not recognised by the AKC until 1995 and is now currently ranking 18th in popularity out of 177 breeds! Up from 35th on 2003. Not bad at all!

There is no disputing that the Cavalier has a Royal history and at Akuna Pets we have the facilities for them to be treated like Royalty too! Within moments of arriving, your Cavie will know they have found a perfect home away from home.


The Cavalier has the ultimate ‘cute’ factor; their temperament is loving, playful, patient and eager to please.

They are extremely social and great with dogs, other animals and children. They will fit into almost any lifestyle but keep in mind that King Charles Cavaliers are not an outside dog as they are bred for companionship and need a warm loving place to curl up, preferably your lap!

Cavie’s are naturally curious and intelligent however their Spaniel instinct gives them the urge to chase. Generally speaking they are not ‘road smart’, so must be kept safe in a fully fenced yard.

The Cavalier’s trusting and friendly nature does not make them very good guard dogs but their happily wagging tail will sure let you know that someone new is around!

At Akuna Pets we have designed our pet accommodation so that each guest has its own big comfortable indoor room. An attached large grass garden yard section allows social guests to go outside anytime they like during the day to say “Hi” to their new dog neighbours, which is great for friendly dogs like Cavies.  

Their happy, loving disposition means that Cavie guests who are new to staying at our Pet Resort are quick to settle in and super enthusiastic to bond with our loving pet carers. Our carers give out liver treats too, just to make sure your Cavie knows they have come to the right place for a holiday!


With the Cavaliers eager to please personality, patience and intelligence they are a very trainable breed. And Cavies will do anything for food! And I mean anything!

Firm but positive reinforcement with something yummy is the best way to train your Cavie. Basic commands should come easily after a few repetitions and house training should be not be difficult. But don’t forget that treats also count as food, so if you’re using treats for training you will need to cut down your Cavies main meals so they don’t put on any extra kilos!

Cavaliers often excel at Obedience and Agility, so if you’re looking for a fun weekend activity or just a bit of bonding time between you and your furry one, why not give one of them a go?!

At Akuna Pets we don’t offer specific training programs but we do understand how important dog manners are and as such follow basic rules of training such as making dogs sit before their dinner and for treats & making sure we go through gates and doors first. We also deter jumping and biting by saying “no” firmly and rewarding good behaviour with liver treats.


Behavioural issues 

Because Cavaliers are companion dogs they are very dependent on their pet parents and often suffer from Separation Anxiety. If they are left alone for long periods of time, it is likely they will develop excessive barking and constant chewing. Daily exercise can help curb this however, a Cavie will be much happier in a home where someone is always around E.g. a stay at home mum or an older retired person. If you do have to leave your Cavie alone, make sure you get plenty of things to occupy him/her like rawhide bones, chew toys and food puzzles to keep them amused.

Cavaliers may be a bundle of cuteness but they are still a spaniel who possesses instinctive hunting skills. Even the most well trained Cavie should not be let of leash in an unfenced area as they are more than likely to catch something out of the corner of their eye and make the decision to chase it! This goes for most things that move, like animals, cars and bikes. So always keep your Cavie safe inside a fenced area or on a long lead as this behaviour isn’t going to change!

At Akuna Pets your Cavalier won’t be lonely or anxious as we pop in and out of their hotel room all throughout the day. They are also able to say “Hi” to their doggy neighbours anytime form 7am to 7pm. Plus we also have lots and lots of toys for your Cav to play with out in our big grass play yards. We have spent some years finding the best toys possible, ones that are fun but durable. But you know what – The most favourite toy is still the good old fashioned tennis ball! If you would like your Cavie to have its own favourite toy in its hotel room then just send it along!

There is lots of choice when it comes to chew treats like pigs ears, bones and chicken wings. Mentally stimulating and tasty! A peanut butter Kong will also keep your Cav occupied for hours.

And rest assured that Akuna is a completely secure Pet resort. This means you King Charles Cavalier will have no opportunity to chase after something interesting. Even during bush walks they are safely attached to a long lead.


Energy Level 

Cavaliers can be both high and low energy, essentially going with whatever amount of exercise and activity you are willing to give! It’s best to aim for at least 30 minutes of daily exercise, like walking or fun games like fetch and Frisbee. Even a game of tug in your back yard will get your Cav going. Really as long as they are getting to hang out with their human family they will be happy.

Here at Akuna Pets we have the options of bush walks, play yard fun, loving cuddle times and swims in our unique water Play Park. In addition your dog has its own grass yard that they have access to from 7am to 7pm every day. They can romp around in this space as much as they like. If your Cavie is a senior citizen it will not have the same exercise needs but will still love having one to one cuddles and loving belly rubs during play time, or a bush walk stroll through our beautiful 10 acre country property.

The daily amount of fun activity time is linked to the “care package” you choose for your Cavalier. If you are not sure what “care package” would suit your Cavie best simply give our office a call as we are happy to discuss your pets needs anytime.

So whether it is for fun energetic playtimes or loving company, your Cavies needs are well catered for at Akuna Pet Resort.

Health issues

Cavaliers do have a few health issues to be aware of, but buying from a reputable breeder will help eliminate the chances of running into some of these problems. Also, not every Cavie is going to develop every health condition that is associated with that breed. While some conditions can be screened for, there is no way to tell with others until they occur.

The Cavies low hanging ears tend to make them prone to Ear Infections due to the lack of air circulation. The first signs of this will be head shaking and scratching at the ears, then redness and possibly a bad smell coming from the ear. Ear infections are easily treated by your local Vet. To help ensure your Cavie doesn’t develop ear infections, simply use an over the counter ear cleaner to remove built up wax and debris from the ear canal on a regular basis. Also avoid getting any water in the ear when bathing or swimming. A cotton wool ball place in the ear canal can help with this.

Dry Eye is a common condition that Cavaliers suffer from. It is caused by the reduction of tears being produced by the glands and can be fixed by surgery in extreme cases, but is usually just treated with daily lubricating eye drops and gels.

Although they are a small dog, the Cavalier is prone to Hip Dysplasia and Patella Luxation. It is recommended that you only buy from a reputable breeder whose dogs and puppies have all been hip scored for any Dysplasia. Surgery is the most common and effective treatment for both and it is also recommended that you supplement your Cavies diet with things like glucosamine, fish oil etc. to help with Arthritis in the joints.

Cavies can are prone to early onset deafness, usually occurring between three and five years. Unfortunately there is no treatment for this condition but fortunately it doesn’t really get in the way of a Cav having a healthy & happy life.

Mitral Valve Disease is a very serious condition and is quite common amongst Cavies; in fact nearly all Cavaliers will suffer from this at some stage in their life. This is a condition that needs to be immediately treated and monitored by a Veterinarian. With this in mind be careful not to overdo it with your Cav particularly in hot weather.

At Akuna Pets we do daily health checks so as to quickly pick up on any health issues that might arise such as skin rashes, ear infections etc. The golden rule is “The sooner you catch a health problem the faster it can be treated and resolved”.

Our hip & elbow dysplasia guest’s benefit greatly from the design of our Pet Resort facility as it has been built to have NO STEPS. We intentionally designed our complex this way so that pet guests with mobility problems would be able to easily move around without putting stress on their hips, back and legs.

In addition we tailor a pet guest’s “fun schedule” to their particular needs. So if your Cavalier is not allowed to jump around or stop quickly during a ball game etc we make sure all of our pet carers are aware of this health situation and go about your Cavies play/walk/love time with these issues in mind.

We use a fantastic local vet practise called “Cessnock Vet” They specialise in many areas of canine health care so if vet care is required for your loved Cavalier whilst they are holidaying with us you can be sure he or she will be in the very best of hands & receive the best care available!


Weight Issues

While some Cavaliers are fussy eaters, most of them have a greedy side so you need to be careful not to over feed them as they do have the tendency to become overweight, particularly as they get older! Remember that like humans, not everyone’s metabolism is the same so you might have to adjust your Cavies food portions slightly to suit them. Also feed a well-rounded diet and include some exercise daily so your Cav will maintain a healthy weight.

At Akuna Pets we are aware of the Cavaliers fondness for food and their inclination to put on weight so we pay close attention to this.

Firstly we feed a premium graded vet recommended dry food called “Royal Canin” (which our guests love!). We match the amount we feed to your pet’s age, breed & weight. We weigh your pet upon arrival to establish how much they should be fed and then weigh weekly throughout their holiday stay and adjust portion size if necessary to make sure a healthy weight is maintained.


The Cavalier does need a bit of grooming due to their feathered coat but making this activity a part of your daily routine will give you both some relaxed one to one loving time whilst keeping your furry one looking great.

The Cavie needs combing or brushing at least two to three times per week to prevent the feathers on the ears and legs from matting. Bath only when necessary and use a good quality shampoo and a coat conditioner to keep their coats silky and gorgeous. Also their ears need regular cleaning with a vet recommended ear cleaner so as to stop infections from occurring!  

Your Cavalier will most likely need a brush (or five!) during their stay so we can organise this and relaxing Hydro bath whenever needed.  Your Cavie will love the attention and pampering, we even have dogs that fall asleep during a brush – like they are having the best day spa experience ever!