Here at Akuna Pets we love our Fox Terrier guests be they smooth or wire haired! They have such big personalities and are always up for a good game of fetch in the Play Yards! It’s so fun to watch them digging through our huge toy baskets looking for the perfect tennis ball and they certainly let us know when they’ve found it.

Being a social breed they will love saying “Hi” to their new doggy neighbours out in the grass yard section of their accommodation. Plus our Akuna carers will pop in and out of their hotel room all throughout the day just to make sure all is going well. So don’t worry – your Foxy won’t be bored or lonely whilst holidaying at Akuna.

Read on to see how Akuna Pet Resort takes care of holidaying Fox Terrier guests, including their special “breed needs”.

  • Nicknames Foxie
  • Lifespan 12 to 15 years
  • Country of Origin England
  • Weight Male 7 to 9kg (15 to 20lb)
  • Weight Female 6 to 8kg (13 to 18lb)
  • Height Male 36 to 41cm (14 to 16in)
  • Height Female 33 to 38cm (13 to 15in)
  • Coat Smooth or Wiry (there are two variations)
  • Litter Size 4 to 6
  • Colour White, black and white, tan and white

Famous people who own Fox Terriers past & present

Herbert Hoover – Big Ben & Sonny

Thomas Hardy – Wessex

Ashley Greene – Theo & Marlo

Tom Ford – John, India & Angus

Charles Darwin – Polly

Websites with fun information & stories & Organisations that help Fox Terriers

Fun Facts

Fox Terriers are Houdini’s! They can scale fences and dig holes twice the size of themselves to get out and explore, or to chase after something interesting.

Although they are called Fox Terriers, they are great at ratting. So if you have a garden shed or anywhere else rats or mice love to hide, your Foxie will certainly take care of that for you!

The Foxie has a vigilant nature so they make great watch dogs, you will certainly know if someone is coming to the door!

The Fox Terrier has never been a very popular breed overall, with the Smooth Coat currently ranking at 116th and Wire Coat ranking 96th out of 177 breeds registered with the AKC making this feisty

terrier one of the dog world’s best-kept secrets.

Fox Terriers have won more Westminster Best-in-Show titles than any other breed!

There is a wired haired Fox Terrier in the Tin Tin comic strip – His name was Snowy.

Those careers and talents are all amazing but here at Akuna Pets we reckon the Foxie’s best talents are being a loving family member, a great listener (particularly when you have had a bad day) & putting a smile on your face with their cheeky personality!

Terrier type dogs have been around for centuries, however the Fox Terrier was developed in the 1800’s when Fox Hunting became quite popular. Hunters decided to breed a dog that was able to enter the Fox’s dens and chase them without harming them so that the hunter could make the kill. There is no record but it is thought that black and tan Terriers, Greyhounds, Beagles and Bull Terriers were all a bred to produce the Fox Terrier as we know it today.

To begin with, the Smooth and Wire Coated Fox Terriers were considered the same breed just with different coats however it is likely that they have different origins. Early on, breeders would cross the Wire and the Smooth to produce Foxie’s with more white. Today, breeders no longer cross these two as they both have their own special attributes!

In the 1920s, the Smooth Fox Terrier became a well-known breed when Nipper, a Smooth Fox Terrier, was used in a photograph for American Radio, head cocked, listening to a record machine.

The Wire Fox Terrier got a popularity boost in the 1930s when a Wire Fox Terrier called Asta, played a much loved character in a film series called The Thin Man.

The breed has never been hugely popular as a household pet, however they are champions in the Show world, winning more Westminster Best-in-Show’s than any other registered breed!

Wherever they come from and whatever the popularity of the breed, we definitely love all our Foxy guests here at Akuna Pets!


The Foxie is an intelligent, active, mischievous breed! They are always getting into some sort of trouble and as such need a backyard that is super secure as they are serious escape artists!

Despite their cheeky and mischievous side, Foxie’s are fun-loving, friendly and affectionate dogs who make a great family member and get along well with kids. They are happy to be an inside or outside dog and deal well with most climates.

Because of the Foxie’s high prey drive, they are not suited to families that have smaller animals like Rabbits or Guinea Pigs as they will make it their mission in life to chase them! But if socialised early with Cats and other dogs Foxie’s will usually get along well with them.

At Akuna Pets we have designed our pet accommodation to be super secure so there’s no chance your Foxy will go on any unscheduled adventures. Comfort wise each guest has its own big indoor room with the added benefit of a large attached grass garden yard section. This allows your social Foxy to go outside anytime they like during the day to say hello to their neighbours!

As for being cheeky & fun loving – Well we have the most fun Pet Resort ever with bush walks, swims in our doggy water park & big grass yards for playtime. In short Akuna Pets is Fox Terrier heaven!!!


Fox Terriers are immensely intelligent and enjoy learning new things so you will have no problem training your Foxy. That said any sort of training requires patience and commitment. If you have fun with Puppy preschool and training classes try moving onto Obedience and Agility as these are both hobbies your Fox Terrier will excel at.

Because of the Foxie’s high prey drive and natural instinct to chase, they love a good game of fetch or Frisbee!

The Foxie can be mischievous and incredibly naughty if not trained well from a young age! Be firm but positive in your method of training and you will be able to teach your Foxie just about anything!

At Akuna Pets we don’t offer specific training programs but we do understand how important dog manners are and as such follow basic rules of training such as making dogs sit before their dinner and for treats, making sure we go through gates and doors first. We also deter jumping and biting by saying no firmly and rewarding good behaviour with liver treats.

Behavioural issues

You may not be using your Fox Terrier as a hunting dog but their prey drive is in-built from centuries ago. This means lots of digging (trying to find prey) and lots of barking (causing prey to run so they can chase them!). Training is needed from a young age to discourage this behaviour as much as possible however there is no way to fully extinguish it. Also because of their high prey drive, the Foxie will tend to stalk and chase smaller animals such as cats, guinea pigs, rabbits etc. so it is not a good idea to have them sharing the same backyard.

The Foxie is an escape artist! They can jump higher than you could ever believe and dig tunnels under fences to get to the other side. This means you need to have a secure yard for your Foxie and it is a good idea not to let them off leash in unfenced areas, as more often than not, they will spot something in the distance and be off!

Here at Akuna Pet Resort dogs escaping is not a problem as we have purpose built our facilities to be 100% Houdini proof. Any anyway your Foxie will be having so much fun that he/she won’t want to leave anyway!

By offering so much fun activity time we have minimised boredom barking and digging. Add in a few brain challenges such as food balls, stuffed kongs & a pigs ear or two and your Foxy will be well and truly mentally worn out, leaving no energy for naught behaviour like barking or digging.

Energy Level

Foxie’s need exercise, exercise and more exercise to burn off their energy and they will get up to a tonne of mischief if that energy isn’t expended! They need a minimum of 30-45 minutes of vigorous activity per day and even then they will have some energy to spare! They also need mental stimulation as well as physical, so food puzzles and toys to occupy their time are also a good idea.

Once in the later stages of life, Foxie’s tend to slow down a bit and are more inclined to just cuddle up on your lap and be a couch potato. However, even at this point a daily walk is still needed to keep them from becoming overweight. Plus going for a walk with your dog is one of the great pleasures in life!

“Energy Busting” is what we do best at Akuna Pets with the option of bush walks, play yard fun, loving cuddle times and swims in our unique water Play Park. In addition your dog has its own grass yard that they have access to from 7am to 7pm every day. They can romp around in this space as much as they like.

If your Foxie is a senior citizen it will not have the same high exercise needs but will still love having one to one cuddles and belly rubs during play time, or a bush walk stroll through our beautiful 10 acre country property. The daily amount of fun activity time is linked to the “care package” you choose for your Foxie so if you are not sure what “care package” would suit your pet best simply give our office a call as we are happy to discuss your pets needs anytime.

Whether it is for energy busting or loving company, your Foxie’s activity needs are well catered for at Akuna Pet Resort!

Health issues

Fox Terriers are among the hardiest of all breeds. While they do have some health conditions to keep an eye out for, most live a long and healthy life with the only trips to the Vet being for vaccinations!

Foxie’s can be prone to deafness and Cataracts in their old age. Cataracts are where the lens becomes opaque and the dog has difficulty seeing. Fortunately though cataracts can be surgically removed by a Vet to restore full vision.

Hip Dysplasia and Legg-Perthes Disease are also something to watch out for in the Foxie breed. Both conditions affect the hip joint and require Vet treatment and possibly surgery.

At Akuna Pets we do daily health checks so as to quickly pick up on any health issues that might arise such as skin rashes, ear infections etc. The golden rule is “The sooner you catch a health problem the faster it can be treated and resolved”.

Our hip dysplasia guest’s benefit greatly from the design of our Pet Resort facility as it has been built to have NO STEPS. We intentionally designed our complex this way so that pet guests with mobility problems would be able to easily move around without putting stress on their hips, back and legs.

We use a fantastic local vet practise called “Cessnock Vet” they specialise in many areas of canine health care so if vet care is required for your loved Foxie whilst they are holidaying with us you can be sure he or she will be in the very best of hands & receive the best care available.

Weight Issues

Even though they are a tiny dog, Foxie’s love to eat and can to turn into little podge balls if you’re not careful! So make sure you don’t feed them too many treats during training and be sure to feed a well-balanced diet. Most of all, remember to always sufficiently exercise your Foxie every day as this will help them live a long and healthy life!

At Akuna Pets we feed a premium graded vet recommended dry food called “Royal Canin” (which our guests love!). We match the amount we feed to your pet’s age, breed & weight. We weigh your pet upon arrival to establish how much they should be fed and then weigh weekly throughout their holiday stay to make sure a healthy weight is maintained.

In addition we keep records on how much food your pet is eating and what if any is left on a daily basis. So if your pet is gaining or losing weight we know whether to increase or decrease their portion of food. If you would prefer your dog too lose a little bit of weight we can even help with that, so just let us know when you book your dog’s holiday stay!


Both Wire & Smooth Foxie’s are easy care dogs if they are family pets and not needing to be kept in show condition. A weekly brush to get rid of any knots and the occasional clipping from a groomer is all the wire haired Foxy requires and the smooth coated Foxy’s is even easier to care for as they only need a brush twice a week to remove any dead and loose hair & the occasional bath when they roll in something stinky! Regular ear cleaning and a nail trim is a good idea as well.

Even though Foxie’s don’t really need much brushing, you can still request as many dog brushings as you like as it can be a really nice one to one loving time with a carer. We even have dogs that fall asleep during a brush – like they are having the best day spa experience ever! Also, on departure from us here at Akuna, your Foxie will receive a warm Hydro bath to make sure they smell beautiful for their arrival back at home.