Here at Akuna Care we love Maltese’s coming to holiday with us as they are a not only super cuddly but also enjoy an energetic game of tug & fetch. So a really good combination of being lively & fun but happy to have a snuggle cuddle to. This makes one of our mixed Care packages such as “Attention Plus” a great fit as it includes both a bush walk and a loving, fun cuddle playtime every day.

See below under the various headings how we understand and look after our Maltese guests special needs.

  • Nicknames Maltese Lion Dog
  • Lifespan 12 to 15 years
  • Country of Origin Malta – Central Mediterranean area
  • Weight Male 2kg to 4kg (3 to 8lb)
  • Weight Female 1kg to 3kg (2 to 7lb)
  • Height Male 21 to 25cm (8 to 10in)
  • Height Female 20 to 23cm (8 to 9in)
  • Coat Long & silky
  • Litter Size 1 to 3
  • Colour White

Famous people who own Maltese’s past & present

Eva Longoria has a Maltese named Jinxie.  She considers her dog to be part of the family, so much that Jinxie followed her down the aisle when she married Tony Parker.

Lindsay Lohan has an adorable famous Maltese named Chloe

Anna Nicole Smith had a famous Maltese named Marilyn, after Marilyn Monroe, of course!

Halle Berry has two Maltese dogs. They are named Willy and Polly.  This famous actress takes her dogs just about everywhere and often brings them to photo shoots.

Heather Locklear has a beautiful Maltese dog called Harley.  We assume he is named after the famous motorcycle.

Elizabeth Taylor had a Maltese named Sugar.  When her Sugar passed away she got a new Maltese named Daisy.

Mary Queen of Scots, Queen Elizabeth I,

Queen Victoria,

Josephine Bonaparte and Marie Antoinette

Frank Sinatra


Websites with fun information & stories & Organisations that help Labradors

Fun Facts & Various Bits and Pieces

The most famous Maltese is also one of the richest dogs! Leona Helmsley’s Maltese dog named Trouble, was left a $12 Million dollar trust fund.  Her will declared that the dog was to be buried alongside her and her late husband in a mausoleum. Leona also left 3 Million for the continuous care of that mausoleum.  A judge later overturned this, and the dog was given only $2 Million dollars.

In 1792 the breed nearly disappeared and was crossbred with other small dogs such as Poodles and miniature Spaniels. In the early 19th century, there were as many as nine different breeds of Maltese dog.

Maltese are susceptible to “reverse sneezing” which sounds like a honking, snorting, or gagging sound and results often from overexcitement, play, allergies, or upon waking up. But don’t worry because it’s not life threatening.

A Maltese dog can live as long as 18 years.

The Maltese’s coat is long and silky and lacks an undercoat. The color is pure white and is hair, not fur. As such it sheds less, and is a better choice for people with dog allergies.

The Maltese breed was a popular choice for royalty all over the world, particularly royal women who carried them around in their sleeves.

Maltese dogs were first brought to England by the Crusaders returning home from the Mediterranean.

The Maltese descended from a Spitz-like dog which was then bred for hunting in the marsh and wooded areas of Southern Europe.

Eventually, the dog was carried southward into the Mediterranean Sea area. Maltese images were found on Greek vases dated around 500 B.C. and the first known written history of the breed was actually authored by the Greek philosopher Aristotle around 350 B.C., where he attributed the origin of the breed to the Island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea – hence the name “Maltese”.

Discovering that Maltese’s have been popular for many 1000’s of years is no surprise to us at Akuna Care as they truly are the most fun and lovely dogs.


Maltese are bred to be cuddly companion dogs, and as such thrive on love and attention. They are extremely lively and playful, fun-loving & boisterous, and even as a Maltese ages, his energy level and playful demeanour will remain fairly constant. Their kind and gentle temperament & outgoing personality means they are an excellent family dog. This includes a good reputation with children of all ages and other animals.

They are easygoing and trusting with strangers (assuming they are just another human to love!) and therefore are not usually suitable as guard dogs.

The Maltese fares very well as an indoor dog or in a small yard so are very well suited to Urban dwelling in apartments and town houses.

At Akuna Care your Maltese will have its own comfortable well insulated hotel room with its own sunny grass garden yard attached for daytime sunning and saying hi to his or her dog neighbours. So if you’re Maltese has a particularly social nature he can hang out in his grass yard area with his neighbours anytime between 7am-7pm everyday, all day.

It is also reassuring to know that Akuna pet carers pop in and out of your Maltese’s hotel room all throughout the day to make sure a happy holiday is being had. Our Maltese guests also love getting a cuddle in their activity time with a carer. This is a time where a carer spends one to one time giving love and cuddles to your one little Maltese, just to assure them how spoilt and loved they are. So there is no way a Maltese having a holiday at Akuna Care will miss out on his or her socialising, love, fun & cuddles.

The Maltese’s outgoing personality & trusting nature means that guests who are new to staying at our Pet Resort are quick to settle in and super enthusiastic to bond with our loving pet carers who carry liver treats just to make sure they know they have come to the right place for a holiday.


Being highly intelligent the Maltese is easy to train & good at learning tricks. A Maltese puppy needs to be trained with a sensitive but consistent hand in order to mature into a polite and well-trained dog. You must set a schedule, stay consistent and train with compassion. The Maltese is a sensitive breed that does not respond well to yelling or other harsh training tactics.

At Akuna Care we don’t offer specific training programs but we do understand how important dog manners are and as such follow basic rules of training such as making dogs sit before their dinner and for treats, making sure we go through gates and doors first and also deterring jumping and biting by saying no firmly and rewarding good behaviour with liver treats.

It is also important and comforting to note that at Akuna Care we never use any yelling or shouting or banging of things for barking noise control (scaring dogs into being quiet) which unfortunately is a common practise in most dog boarding kennels. Instead we have designed our Pet Resort in a way that means there is not much barking noise in the first place. So you can be sure that your lovely Maltese will not be yelled at or have any harsh training methods used whilst holidaying with us. Instead they will feel like they are staying at a home away from home and see that we are just part of their extended loving human family.

Behavioral issues 

Active dogs such as the Maltese can definitely be destructive with toys and bedding etc if they don’t have a positive outlet for their exuberance.

Here at Akuna we don’t get much destructive behaviour due to the fact that our guests have plenty of space in their hotel room and can romp around their own grass backyard anytime they like throughout the day or say a nose hello to their dog neighbours. Our play times and bushwalks are also a good energy busting activities. So you can rest assured that your Maltese (on a suitable “Care package”) will come home in the same happy, normal state they were in when they arrived for their holiday.

Maltese dogs can also be a problem with nipping. The nipping is basically a training issue which any reputable trainer will be able to help you with.

At Akuna care we discourage nipping by saying a firm NO and then rewarding the not nipping behaviour with a liver treat. It doesn’t take long for an intelligent dog (such as a Maltese) to work out that less nipping means more treats!

Barking can sometimes be a problem with Maltese’s, particularly if they are not getting enough attention or stimulus, but if you make sure you give them plenty of walks and play games and loving cuddles you shouldn’t have any ongoing problems with this. Maltese’s love their toys and this also provides a good stimulus boredom busting activity for them. Most spoilt/well loved Maltese’s have their own little basket of favourite toys to choose from.

At Akuna we have a big basket of toys in every play yard so we are sure we can find the perfect toy for your dog to play with. If you would like them to have a toy with them all the time in their hotel room you are welcome to send along some favourite ones from home. 

Maltese’s can occasionally show signs of SDS (small dog syndrome) where they believe they are the pack leader of the house. Although this can be funny at first it can lead to all sorts of behavioural problems, so it is best to show them quite early on that the human in the household is the pack leader. This can be done in many subtle ways such as the humans going through doors first, eating first, making their dog sit before feeding or feeding by hand etc.

At Akuna we shower your dog with lots of love and cuddles and provide a lot of fun activities, but we also make it clear to our pet guests that we are the pack leaders. We do this in many subtle way such as going through gates first, making our pet guests sit before receiving their dinner & treats, using a firm “NO” when bad manners are being shown etc. This means your dog will come home with the same set of manners it had when it arrives for its holiday stay with us.

Energy Level 

Don’t let the Maltese’s size fool you into thinking they are just a cute & cuddly lap dog as they have HEAPS of energy & as discussed in the behavioural section above it is important to energy bust in a positive way.

At Akuna care you can organise as many active play times and power walks as you desire for your dog. In this way you can tailor the perfect “Care package” for your Maltese’s energy needs.

Your Maltese also has its own grass outdoor yard that it has access to from 7am to 7pm every day so they can romp around in this space as much as he/she likes. They can even run up and down the fence with their new little neighbour friends. If your Maltese is a senior citizen it will not have the same high exercise needs but will still love having as much one to one cuddles and loving in a play yard fun time as can be had. So for our senior citizen Maltese guests we simply swap power walks for gentle strolls and loving play times.

If you are not sure what “care package” would suit your Maltese the best simply give our office a call as we are happy to discuss your pets needs anytime.

So you can rest assured your Maltese will come home in the same happy normal state that they came for a holiday instead of a dog that’s bouncing of the walls due to lack of exercise.

So whether it is for energy busting or loving company your Maltese’s activity needs are well catered for at Akuna Care Pet Resort.

Health issues 

Malteses are prone to sunburn along the hair parting, experience skin sensitivity, have eye & respiratory issues, and are prone to luxated Patella. They get the chills, and they experience discomfort in hot weather. They should also be kept out of damp areas. The Maltese breed is prone to teeth problems/gingivitis and need a diet that includes chewy food such as raw chicken necks or chew treats.

At Akuna Care we do daily health checks so as to quickly pick up on any health issues that might arise such as skin rashes, ear infections etc. The golden rules are that ‘Prevention is better than a cure” & “The sooner you catch a health problem the faster it can be treated and resolved”.

We have addressed the sun burn problem by providing big, comfortable, indoor hotel rooms to all of our guests. That way they can seek a cool indoor room or a warm sunny grass yard whenever they want throughout the day. We are also happy to put sun block on daily if you provide some, which might be a good idea in the particularly sunny months such as Dec & Jan.

Our hotel rooms have a vinyl floor so when we hot water clean it is touch dry in seconds instead of the wet & cold concrete of most kennels that takes hours to dry (if at all in the winter months). This means your Maltese enjoys a comfortable warm climate controlled room year round.

With eyes we do a daily health check where eyes & tear stains are cleaned with a baby wet wipe. During this daily health check we also take a look at your malteses underbelly and underarms to make sure no rash is developing.

For dental health it is good to know that we offer a range of teeth cleaning treats such as Chicken wings & necks and pigs ears and small bones so maybe add a few of these to your dogs holiday .

If we ever require vet care we use a fantastic local vet practise called “Cessnock Vet” that specialises in many areas of canine health care so if vet care is required for your loved Labrador whilst they are holidaying with us you can be sure he or she will be in the very best of hands & receive the best care available.

Weight Issues 

Maltese dogs have a reputation for being picky eaters and some of this is due to being fed much tastier table scraps such as prime steak and fried chicken. It is also though they have a more discerning palette than some other breeds that eat first and ask what it is second (think Labrador)

We have noticed ourselves that our little dog guests such as the Maltese’s are less inclined to woof into their dry food. Most of our guests do enjoy the premium grade vet recommended dry food called “Royal Canin” but if they do not eat all their food we will enhance it with liver sprinkles, sardines, an egg or chicken. In this way we make sure your little Maltese comes home the same health weight they were when they arrived for their holiday stay.

It is good to know that we weigh your pet upon arrival to establish how much they should be fed and then re weigh weekly throughout your pets holiday stay so as to make sure a healthy weight is maintained. In addition we keep records on how much food your pet is eating and what if any is left on a daily basis so if your pet is losing weight or putting weight on we know whether we need to increase or decrease their portion of food.

If you are looking around at a number of pet resorts for your dogs holiday keep in mind that when a facility boards two or more dogs together in the one accommodation space this often results in one dog getting all the food and the other one going hungry. The outcome being one dog goes home thin and the other fat. For Pet resort places that “Dog stack” little dogs (putting lots in together) the problem is even worse as one huge bowl is put down and it is a survival of the fittest approach. At Akuna Care we only board one dog in each hotel room so they never have their tucker or treats stolen from them.


Regular grooming is required to prevent the coats of non-shedding dogs, such as the Maltese from matting.

At Akuna Care you can request as many dog brushings as you like as apart from keeping your Maltese’s coat in good shape it can also be a really nice one to one loving time with a carer. We even have dogs that fall asleep during a brush – like they are having the best day spa experience ever.