Here at Akuna Pets we think Siberian Huskies are beautiful in nature and so good looking as well. Even better is how keen they are for a fun time. We love watching our Husky guests run and frolic around our huge grass play yards and splash in our unique water fun park!

Best of all we love the Huskies enthusiasm to try new things, so no matter what colour or age, your Husky will have he best adventure holiday ever at Akuna!

Read on to see how Akuna Pet Resort takes care of holidaying Husky guests, including their special “breed needs”.

  • Nicknames Husky, Sibe
  • Lifespan 12 to 14 years
  • Country of Origin Siberia, Russia
  • Weight Male 20 to 27kg (45 to 60lb)
  • Weight Female 16 to 23kg (35 to 50lb)
  • Height Male 53 to 60cm (21 to 23.5in)
  • Height Female 51 to 56cm (20 to 22in)
  • Coat Thick undercoat and soft outer coat
  • Litter Size 9 to 11
  • Colour White, Saddleback, Sable, Agouti, Light Red, Copper, Silver & White, Wolf Grey, Grey, Black & White, Mostly Black

Famous people who own Siberian Husky’s past & present

Miley Cyrus – Floyd (Rip)

Rita Ora – Kosovo

Ashlan Gorse – Aurora

Ben Stiller – Ellie

Ryan Schoenmakers – Ralphy

Chad Michael Murray – Clark

Nick Lachey – Kona

Russell Wesbrook (NBA Basketball star) – Sasha

Quincy Pondexter (NBA Basketball star) – Buckets

Websites with fun information, stories & Organisations that help Siberian Husky’s

Fun Facts

Huskies are one of the oldest breed of dogs, they are thought to be over 3000 years old!

Siberian Husky’s and Alaskan Malamutes are the closest breeds to resemble Wolves

The Husky can survive in temperatures of -50 degrees Celsius

It is quite common for Husky’s to have two different colour eyes. This is called parti-eye

Huskies have a thick double coat that keeps them well insulated. Their undercoat is short and warm, while the overcoat is long and water-resistant.

Siberian Husky’s shed a lot – so be prepared to have dog hair all over the house – floors, carpets, clothing, furniture, everywhere!!!

While they enjoy howling, Siberian Huskies rarely bark.

Huskies may be big and look ferocious but they will greet a robber with the same enthusiastic greeting as you get as a family member. Therefore they don’t make good guard dogs.

Huskies have some amazing talents and are undoubtedly gorgeous to look at but we at Akuna Pets think that the Huskies best talents are being a loving family member, a great listener & a bit of a clown that will certainly brighten your day!

The Siberian Husky originated from Siberia as part of the Chukchi peoples tribe and were used to hunt, heard reindeer and to pull sleds long distances through the extreme weather conditions. The name Husky is believed to be a corruption of the term ‘Esky’, which refers to Eskimos and obviously their dogs as well!

In 1908 the Husky was imported to Alaska and were used during the Gold Rush as sled dogs. They were also used in the All-American Sweepstakes, a 408 mile long dog sled race where they proved to be better than all the other competitors.

1925 bought an epidemic of Diphtheria to the city of Nome, Alaska. The only way to get the lifesaving antiserum to the town was by dog sleds, one of these teams being Seppala and his Siberian Huskies. This bought attention to them and they then appeared on a personal appearance tour in the United States. It was only 5 years later that the breed was recognised by the AKC.

In 1930 to Exportation of the Siberian Husky stopped in 1930 when the Soviet Government closed the borders. However Amereicans continued to breed this handsome looking dog. Even from very early days their popularity grew and grew.

Husky’s were used in the Army’s Search and Rescue Unit of the Air Transport Command during Wold War II.

Here at Akuna we know that Huskies are a special kind of dog with the ability to achieve anything, that’s why we love them so much!


The Husky is a friendly, outgoing, intelligent and happy breed who will never let you take life too seriously! They are quite mischievous, have a great sense of humour and are often clowning around!

The Husky breed has a very independent mind and spirit, and will only perform tricks and tasks if you make it worth their while. For example they may choose not to sit when you say “Sit”, not because they don’t understand what you are asking of them but because they don’t feel like it. As such you will need to use reward based training methods so your Husky can see what’s in it for them.

They might look like great guard dogs however their kind and gentle nature could not make them more unqualified for the job. They will greet any stranger or robber with the same enthusiastic, tail wagging, friendly greeting that you would receive upon arriving home.

They have a great reputation with children and right from the beginning the Chukchi people entrusted the safety and wellbeing of their children with the Husky. Children even used to snuggle up to their Huskies to keep warm at night!

The Husky is quite social and will get along happily with other dogs. Cats and other small animals will quite often bring out their predatory instincts so it is important to socialise your Husky with them from a young age.

The Huskies friendly, outgoing personality also means that if they are new to staying at our Pet Resort they are quick to settle in and super enthusiastic to bond with our loving pet carers during their activity times.

As for being happy and clowning around – Well we have the most fun Pet Resort ever with bush walks, swims in our doggy water park & big grass yards for playtimes. Add in huge baskets of every toy imaginable and you’ve got Husky heaven!


The Siberian Husky is a very intelligent breed but is stubborn when it comes to training. This means obedience classes are a must for this breed and these cheeky fellas can tell the difference between class and home. So they will often perform well at obedience class but when given direction at home, revert back to their stubborn independent ways.

But don’t worry – all that is needed when training a Husky is a little of your own stubbornness and lots of positive reinforcement! So be firm, be patient, be positive and always make sure it’s clear to your Husky that you are the head of the family pack.

Remember also that it’s important your Husky is properly trained to walk on lead because they are so strong and will just pull you along otherwise. Plus you should not let your Husky off leash in an unsecure area as their strong prey drive (desire to chase) can lead to them running off into the distance never to be seen again.

At Akuna Pets we don’t offer specific training programs but we do understand how important dog manners are and as such follow basic rules of training such as making dogs sit before their dinner and making sure we go through gates and doors first. We also deter jumping and biting by saying “no” firmly and rewarding good behaviour with liver treats!

Behavioural issues

Huskies are a high energy breed and if they are left alone for long periods of time or allowed to get bored, they will develop destructive behaviours. If they are to be left alone during the day, make sure they are worn out from an hour of vigorous morning exercise. They will need further exercise when you get home from work, such as a fast paced walk or jog around the block or a game of tug in your back yard.

Issues like digging are genetically in-built so are better off being managed than trying to extinguish the behaviour all together. It is recommended that you train your Husky to dig in a specific area of the backyard so you can save your lawn & flowers! Try building a “Husky dig pit” much like a kids sand box. Your Husky will love you for it.

Destructive behaviour like chewing, barking, howling and even escaping can be avoided or minimised by lots of exercise, a big yard to run around, puzzles and games involving treats to keep them occupied and of course, lots of toys to play with!

The good news is that Husky’s don’t tend to bark as much as other breeds. However they are more likely to howl when left alone!

Husky’s are quite intelligent and single minded in their desires and unfortunately look to satisfy their own needs instead of yours. This can mean bad behaviour in the form of not doing what you ask of them. But don’t despair. This situation simply means you will have to work harder at being the pack leader in your household.

High energy dogs can definitely be destructive with toys and bedding etc if they don’t have a positive outlet for their exuberance.

Here at Akuna Pets we don’t get much destructive behaviour due to the fact that our guests have plenty of space in their hotel room and can romp around their own grass backyard anytime they like throughout the day or say a nose hello to their dog neighbours.

Our play times and bushwalks are also a good energy busting activities. So you can rest assured that your Husky (on a suitable “Care package”) will come home in the same happy, normal state they were in when they arrived for their holiday. Instead of a dog that’s bouncing of the walls due to lack of exercise and stimulation.

So the good news is that behavioural problems due to pent up energy levels or lack of stimulus or company is not going to be a problem for your Husky when he/she comes for a holiday at Akuna Pet Resort.

Energy Level

High Energy is an understatement for the Husky! They were bred to run 100’s of miles in the freezing cold on little food. It is a hard ask to wear out a Husky in their early years!

Obedience, agility and of course sledding are great outlets for a Siberian Husky to burn off energy. They also make great running partners as long as the weather is not too hot. A good 60 minute energy busting, play session or run per day is the minimum your Husky will need to keep fit, healthy and distracted!

Once into middle age, Huskies tend to settle down a bit and are quite happy at this point to do a bit more lounging around. That said it’s still important to get our for a daily stroll just to maintain good overall health.

“Energy Busting” is what we do best at Akuna Pets with the option of bush walks, play yard fun, loving cuddle times and swims in our unique Water Fun Park. In addition your dog has its own grass yard that they have access to from 7am to 7pm every day. They can romp around in this space as much as they like.

If your Husky is a senior citizen it will not have the same high exercise needs but will still love having one to one cuddles and loving belly rubs during play time, or a bush walk stroll through our beautiful 10 acre country property.The daily amount of fun activity time is linked to the “care package” you choose for your Husky. If you are not sure what “care package” would suit your Husky best simply give our office a call as we are happy to discuss your pets needs anytime.

So whether it is for energy busting or loving company, your Huskies activity needs are well catered for at Akuna Pet Resort!

Health issues

The Siberian Husky is a very strong and hardy breed that has little to no common health issues.

Husky’s are prone to hot spots in the summer months due to their thick coat. Best way to prevent these is to make sure your Husky is completely dry after swims and baths as it is the residual moisture that forms the breeding climate for a hot spot to develop.

A daily check over will allow you to catch this health problem early before it gets big and nasty.

It is wise to keep an eye out for Hip Dysplasia, although studies have shown that less than 2% of Huskies develop this health problem.

Also be aware of eye problems. Glaucoma, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Corneal Dystrophy and Cataracts are all eye conditions that Huskies are prone to suffer from. All these conditions are treatable by a Vet and if you are aware of the signs and act quickly, blindness can usually be prevented.

Hypothyroidism is also not common amongst Huskies but does show up occasionally. While not life threatening, this condition will need to be monitored and treated by a Vet.

All things considered the Husky is a hardy breed, not likely to cost you much at the vets throughout their lifetime.

At Akuna Pets we do daily health checks so as to quickly pick up on any health issues that might arise during a holiday such as skin rashes, hot spots, ear infections etc.

Our hip dysplasia guest’s benefit greatly from the design of our Pet Resort facility as it has been built to have NO STEPS. We intentionally designed our complex this way so that pet guests with mobility problems would be able to easily move around without putting stress on their hips, back and legs. This is perfect for our older Husky guests as well when their joints get a little stiff & sore.

In addition we tailor a pet guest’s “fun schedule” to their particular needs. So if your Husky does have trouble with their sight we can select activities that suit them and their abilities!

We use a fantastic local vet practise called “Cessnock Vet” They specialise in many areas of canine health care so if vet care is required for your loved Husky whilst they are holidaying with us you can be sure he or she will be in the very best of hands & receive the best care available.

Weight Issues

Huskies are not known to overeat or scoff down their food and body shape wise they tend to be on the leaner side of the scale. So as long as you are feeding a good healthy diet in the correct portion size you will have no weigh problems with your Husky. They can go off their food occasionally due mostly to boredom with the same old flavours so try adding an enhancer like a tin of sardines or an egg or pigs ear to chew on.

At Akuna Pets we are aware of the fussiness that Husky’s show when it comes to eating their tucker and have many tricks up our sleeve to make their food more appetising! Also we feed a premium graded vet recommended dry food called “Royal Canin” (which our guests love!). We match the amount we feed to your pet’s age, breed & weight. We weigh your pet upon arrival to establish how much they should be fed and then weigh weekly throughout their holiday stay to make sure a healthy weight is maintained. In addition we keep records on how much food your pet is eating and what if any is left on a daily basis.

So if your pet is gaining or losing weight we know whether to increase or decrease their portion of food.

We also have lots of different treats you can organise for your husky – ranging from pigs ears & roo sticks to roast chicken dinners. So much yummy food to choose from!


Most people look at a Husky and think ‘they must spend hours grooming that dog!’ but they actually don’t need that much brushing! That said it is still important to brush your Husky on a weekly basis to avoid the coat matting and to remove any loose hair & dead skin. Siberian Huskies have a thick double coat and shed this undercoat one to two times per year so you will need to be doing quite a bit of daily brushing at these times to keep your house partially fur free. Tip – Look online to discover which grooming tools are best to manage your Husky’s top coat and undercoat.

Clipping or stripping your Husky is a big no no as their double coat serves to keep them warm in winter and cool in summer via the magic of natural insulation!

Make sure you clean their ears with a vet recommended product at least once per week and trim nails when needed.

Bath wise don’t worry too much as Siberians clean themselves like cats. In fact, a Siberian that becomes soiled with mud will clean himself up. Therefore, bathing requirements are minimal with most owners bathing their dogs once per year or less.

Even though Huskies do not really need much brushing, you can still request as many dog brushings at Akuna as you like as it can be a really nice one to one loving time with a carer. We all know they love the attention!!

Also, on departure from their holiday at Akuna your Husky will receive a free warm Hydro bath to make sure they are all clean and smelling lovely for their trip home.