Our cattery offers exclusive, comfortable “home away from home” accommodation and from the moment your cat leaves your home in Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast or Hunter Valley, it will be treated like one of our own pets.

Home Away From Home

Living Room & Court Yard

Our Resort style cat hotel has been designed to feel and look, like a living room, complete with Tv, couch, carpet and air con. We designed our cattery this way on purpose because we wanted our cat guests to feel like they had found a little home away from home. Two big windows ensure lots of sunshine and fresh air and our fully secure outdoor courtyard provides the perfect place to have a relaxing sunbake. In other words cat heaven!

Spacious Multi-level Accommodation

Cats need space, comfortable bedding, an interesting view, the ability to get up high and also the option to hide if they are feeling a little shy. For these reason we made our cat units four levels high. That’s right – each cat enjoys their own private floor to ceiling space broken up as follows – Litter tray on the 1st floor level, scratching pole on the 2nd , food & water on the 3rd and a soft sleeping cubby house on the 4th level right up high and well away from the litter tray. Remember – no cat wants to be eating or sleeping next to their toileting area.

Our four level pens also have a wire gate front so your cat can check out any interesting things going on in the living room, like seeing what their neighbours are up to & watching their favourite Tv program.=

It is essential that cats get to stretch out and be able to climb and jump to different levels so make sure you choose a cattery that offers more than just a cage in a wall.

No Cat Stacking

“Cat Stacking” is a common but not well known practise in the cattery business where a number of cats from different homes are put into the one accommodation area. As you can imagine this doesn’t go down well with most cats. At worst it ends with injuries from cat fights and at best a shyer less dominant cat will spend its entire holiday being terrified of the bully cat they have been forced to share with. Further problems of weight loss and gain arise when one cat is eating all the food. Finally cats are not very sharing and caring when it comes to bedding meaning one cat will get the comfy bedding and the other the floor.

You’ll be happy to know that Akuna individually boards each pet guest as we are a resort, not a youth hostel.

Comfort & Safety

Comfort and safety are so important when it comes to a cattery holiday. If it’s not comfortable your cat will be miserable and if it’s not safe you may not get your cat back at all. At Akuna both of these issues have been well and truly taken care of.

When it comes to comfort we have it all. With couches, cubby houses, cat hammocks, sunny courtyards, tv and air cons your cat will want for nothing. Put simply – We specialize in spoilt!

Our cattery provides a completely safe environment. We designed it this way because we know how adventurous cats are, particularly when they find themselves in a new home.

Firstly we have double doors to enter, meaning a fast cat can’t dart out between our legs. Once inside the cattery living room you’ll find security mesh on the windows making them resistant to claws. Outdoor security is just as good with the courtyard being sealed from above with a fine metal mesh. This lets in fresh air and sunshine but doesn’t allow a feline guest climb out.

Finally we never mix cats from different homes together, either in their accommodation space or for socialising as this inevitably leads to fights & injuries.

With the above information in mind, you’ll be able to relax and not worry, knowing that your cat is being well cared for in a safe and loving environment.

Special Needs

At Akuna Pets we pride ourselves on taking excellent care of all our pet guests, including their “accommodation special needs”. These range from senior cats no longer able to jump having everything on one level, to cats that are sensitive to hot or cold requiring a climate controlled living space. Shyer cats enjoy a warm comfortable cubby house to hide in whilst they find their confidence & Houdini cats who like to escape and explore discover that our cattery is 100% secure.

Our accommodation pads in addition to the front section that looks out over the living room has solid walls on three sides, allowing privacy from the neighbouring cats. A really important feature if the neighbouring cats are anti-social, trying to reach their food, being bullies or even just playfully annoying as can be the case with kittens and younger cats.

It is meant be a holiday after all!