My cat is used to living in luxury, so I am worried about him/her being in a cattery that’s not home & comfortable?

We completely understand how important your cat’s happiness is and that part of making sure your cat has a great holiday stay with us is providing them with a little home away from home.

So when we built our new Pet Resort in 2008 we made sure that the cattery provided both an indoor living room environment, complete with a lounge, tv, split system air con & for outdoors a beautiful sunny courtyard area.

The best of both worlds!

How big is the accommodation space?

This is an important question because most cattery accommodation is small, cold & dark.

When considering which cattery to choose for your precious feline, I strongly suggest that you go and see where your cat will be staying or ask for photos if you can’t view the cattery in person. Often times a place sounds better than it actually is.

At Akuna we understand cats and know how they like to stretch out, jump and get up high. This is why at Akuna each cat guest enjoys their own four level, floor to ceiling accommodation space with a comfortable, warm, soft cubby house to sleep in.

This four level space is quite large & many times the size usually provided by a cattery. Due to this our cat guests don’t have to be near their litter tray (except for when they are using it of course) as it is on the 1st floor level. They enjoy a scratching pole on the 2nd level, their food and water on the 3rd level and their comfortable cubby house on the 4th level. Talk about luxury!

Bedding wise our cat guests have a comfortable soft cubby house to sleep in so they feel warm, safe & secure at all times.

Note – You are welcome to send along your cats own bedding from home for a small handling fee.

Will my cat have to share his/her accommodation with another cat?

No – At Akuna Care your cat will never have to share its accommodation space with another cat. We believe our feline guests need their own comfortable private space, to be relaxed and happy.

We don’t want your cat to feel picked on or have a stranger eating their food. It is a holiday after all!

Two cats from the same family – The only time we have two cats in the same accommodation space is if they are from the same family & their owner chooses for them to be sharing.

Most two cat families do share their accommodation space, as they are generally the best of buddies.

We are happy to accommodate your two or three or four cats in any way you choose. They can board together & share their out time in the garden and living room together, or they can board side by side but share their out time, or board side by side and also have individual out times.

The whole idea of the holidays we offer to you and your cat/s is that you can choose exactly what you think works best for them. If you are not sure we can always try it the way you think works best & see how it goes. If it’s not working try we will try it a different way.

How long during the day do they have access to the garden courtyard?

We let our cat guests out one at a time into the living room and garden court yard area once a day.

We evenly divide this exploring time between our cat guests. This means that when we are full (10 cats in our 10 pen cattery) each cat has a minimum of 1 hr a day to wander around. When we are not full we break the out time between however many cats are staying. So for example if we have 5 cats holidaying with us they will enjoy 2 hrs of out wandering time each per day.

Plus their own accommodation area is so spacious and lovely; I’ll often find that a cat has put itself back away after a nice wander around.

How many cats do you accommodate?

We have two living rooms that have been set up for our cat guests. Each room has 10 individual cat pens, meaning that when we are full we have 20 pens occupied by 20 cats. Occasionally we have a customer who has two cats that they like housed in the one area which makes our total cat guest numbers a little higher.

We feel 20 cat guests is a nice boutique amount for us to be caring for.

We are proud to be small and personal.