My cat is not friendly with other cats – is this a problem?

No problem at all. Plenty of cats are not cat friendly, preferring instead the company of people.

At Akuna Pet Resort your cat has its own private individual accommodation space with a solid wall on each side. This means that no other cat can bother them and they can’t bother any other cat guests.

They will enjoy individual out time as well, where they have the opportunity to wander around the living room and sunny garden courtyard.

Interestingly enough we have found that cats generally seem to prefer their own company or the company of a loving cuddling human anyway.


My cat is not very good with new people. Would you still be able to mind him/her?

Yes! As long as you advise us of your cats behavioral issues we are happy to help with holiday care.

Most cats that display threatening behavior do so out of fear. As they get more comfortable and adjusted to their new living environment, they will exhibit less of these behaviors.

We have found that with time and love and lots of sweet talking, even the shyest cat will usually turn into a contented purr ball.

If your cat prefers not to be handled we can work with this to, by allowing him/her to put themselves away after a wander time or encourage then back to their accommodation space with some tasty food.

Our Cattery has been purpose built to reduce stress by way of a design that provides each cat its own private individual accommodation area.  If you have a social cat they can still enjoy say “Hi” to their cat neighbors during their wandering around out time.

This way our guests enjoy both cat company and privacy during their holiday stay.

Because fearful aggressive behavior towards new people is due to a cat feeling threatened, we work hard to build trust right from moment one, with comforting words, being patient, and simply taking the time to sit and be with your cat. This approach allows us to win over even the most reluctant feline in a short period of time.

If your cat is fearful of new people or things it is important that you advise us of this before their holiday stay so we can discuss the sorts of ways that their fear aggressiveness may present itself.

This allows us to work out the best, most suitable holiday plan for them.