My two cat’s love each other to bits and can not be separated so I want them staying in the same accommodation space. Is this possible?

Our cat accommodation area is huge, with each cat space having four separate levels. This means plenty of space for two cats to comfortably share. Plus each cat has their own soft & comfortable cubby house in which to sleep.

My two cat’s don’t really get on that well but are ok long as they have enough personal space from each other. So I am hoping that they can have their own accommodation area but share their wander out time?

This would be fine. In fact this is a fairly common request. In this situation we would board your cats side by side but let them out for a wander at the same time.

A bonus is that your two cats will have twice as much out wandering about time as an individual cat would, as both their wander times are added together to share.

I would like my two cats to stay together as they adore each other but one is on its own specialised food. Is this possible?

We would like to help with this request but have found the only way to make sure the right cat is getting the right food is to have them board side by side and then share their out wandering time.

This way we can be absolutely sure your cats are both getting their correct diet.

I would like my two cats to stay together as they adore each other but one tends to try to eat the other ones food so their feed time would need to be supervised?

We can board your cats together but we cannot assure you that each cat will be getting their fair share of food. The only way we can promise this is by having them housed side by side and then sharing their out wander time.

So the question would be what are you most concerned about? – Them having each other’s company or that they are each getting the right amount of food?

This decision may be a little tough for you, but be assured that both your cats would have a safe and happy holiday whichever way you decided to go.