What type of transport would my cat travel in if I were to use the pick-up and delivery service?

Our Mercedes Sprinter vans have been designed to be comfortable and safe at all times.

Your cat will travel in its own cat carry or if you don’t have one you can borrow one of ours. The travel cat carry is then placed in the rear of the van, within a secure metal crate up on the top level.

Our vans are all air conditioned and climate controlled meaning your pet is not at risk of heat stress when transported during a hot summer day.

We do transport both cats and dogs in the one van but we separate them by housing the cats on the top level and the dogs on the bottom. That way they cannot see each other.

Do you pick up my cat from my house or do I have to take my cat to the vets?

Our chauffer service operates door to door which means no vets are involved.

We prefer it this way for a few reasons

  • Your cat does not have to adjust to two different environments (your vets & our pet resort) instead coming directly from your place to our place & back again.
  • Your cat doesn’t run the risk of picking up any sicknesses from your vets (at the end of the day the vets is where sick cats are taken for care).
  • Your cat will not spend ½ a day sitting in a crate at your vets as all or our guests arrive at our Pet Resort by early to mid morning and are delivered home between 6am-8am in the morning.
  • We like the fact that any vets recommending our Pet Resort are doing so because they have heard good reviews from their customers not because they are being paid to do so. Many vets that recommend a Pet Resort/cattery receive a financial payment for their recommendation.
  • The best reason – You don’t have to go anywhere. Just jump out of bed, open the door and there we are ready to give your cat a great holiday.

Can you pick up and deliver my cat to my vets instead of coming directly to my house?

We prefer not to do this for the above reasons but have also found that it does not usually work out with the vet open hours as we offer our service between 6am-8am in the morning and most vets don’t open till 9am.

Occasionally a vet will agree to be a drop of or pick up point for one of their customers but keep in mind when asking your vet that they will need to be available for our drivers from 6am onwards.

What days and times do you offer the pick up and delivery service?

We offer our pick up and delivery service to Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast & the Hunter Valley five days per week Mon to Fri.

We come to your house between 6am to 8am in the morning & give you a call the day before to give you a more precise time to be expecting us.

Is there a cost for the pick-up and delivery of my pet?

Yes – We charge $25 each way for this service, so it would be invoiced as $50 in total if you were to request both a pick up and delivery for your pet. Noteyou can request just a one way lift

Is the van air conditioned?

Sure is! So your cat will travel in comfort even on a hot day.