I am worried that my cat won’t get enough cuddles?

We worked out years ago that different cats have different needs. So if your cat is happy to sleep all day then he/she doesn’t need as much cuddle/play time as a younger more energetic cat! Also some cats are naturally cuddly and smoochy whilst others are happy to mostly keep to themselves.

So we thought it best to leave it up to you the pet parent, to decide on how much cuddle playtime you would like for your cat, relative to their needs and your budget.

If you are not sure and would like to discuss this with one of our lovely office staff please call anytime.

How do I know that my cat is getting the cuddles and brushing I have requested?

We welcome you to drop in to see for yourself how much love and care our furry felines are receiving.

Can my cat play with other cats?

The answer to this question is no! – Although it may seem like a good idea in reality isn’t! Particularly in a cattery/pet resort environment where the group of cats holidaying is constantly changing.

We have found that cats are more inclined to want their own comfortable private space, preferring not to mix with other strange cats.

Social cats are able to say ‘Hi” to their neighbors through the pens wire front door and of course they see us humans on and off all throughout the day.