What do you feed?

We feed a premium grade vet recommended dry food called Royal Cain. www.royalcanin.com.au/

We have fed this food since 2000 and have been really happy with it for two reasons.

1) The cats love it, so it must taste pretty good!

2) Our cat guests look really healthy when they have been eating this food for a few weeks. They have shiny coats, clear eyes & healthy breath.

In fact a lot of customers ask us what we have been feeding their cat/s because they are looking so healthy when they return home.

How often do you feed?

Standardly we feed once per day in the morning but we do offer you the choice to add 2nd feeds for a small daily fee. In this case we would feed your cat half its daily portion in the morning and then the other half in the evening before bedtime.

Quite a few people request this option feeling that it will keep with the routine their cat is used to at home.

What do you do if my cat doesn’t like your food?

Occasionally we will have a pet guest who decides they don’t like the dry food alone. In this case we have a variety of tinned foods to use that gets even the most reluctant eater going. If you know that your cat is a fussy eater it may be best to send along your own food. See below.

Can I send along my cats own treats?

You sure can! The treats can be fresh or dry so whatever your cat prefers.

Note – We do have a small surcharge per treat to cover handling costs.

I would like my two cats to stay together as they adore each other but one is on its own specialised food. Is this possible?

We can board your cats together but we cannot assure you that each cat will be getting their fair share of food. The only way we can promise this is by having them housed in side by side accommodating spots and then sharing their out wander time.

So the question is what are you most concerned about? – Them having each other’s company or them getting the right amount of food?

Some decisions are a little bit tough but we can assure you that both your cats would have a safe and happy holiday whichever way you decided to go.


I am worried that my cat might stop eating and lose weight?

The main reason cats stop eating is because they are stressed or unhappy. We don’t often have this problem due to our cat guest’s staying in a comfortable home like living room.

They also have their own private accommodation space and get to wander outdoors in a secure garden courtyard every day. Add in plenty of cuddles and you have a happy holidaying cat.

Note – A relaxed cat is a cat that’s happy to eat.