Is the cat’s accommodation escape proof as my cat is a Houdini and can escape from almost anywhere?

When we designed our Pet Resort we knew the most important thing to get right was the safety & security of our holidaying pet guests.

To achieve this goal our cattery has a foyer room, meaning that if any a cat runs the door during their out wander time, they will only reach this safe enclosed space. We have also installed metal gauzing on both widows so it is claw resistant and lastly we covered over the outdoor courtyard area with weld mesh. So there is really no way out of our cattery other than with you when it is time to go home.

Security = peace of mind.

Is the outdoor courtyard area secure?

Absolutely! It is an enclosed space with walls on all sides with a weld mesh covering above the entire courtyard.  So even the best climber can’t get out!