Our 7-Step Akuna Pet Resort cattery process means that you get away on your holiday relaxed, without all those last minute worries that often accompany a cat boarding service. Book a chauffeured collection from Newcastle, the Hunter Valley or Central Coast or Sydney to our cattery, or bring your cat here yourself.

1. Enquiry & Inspections

If your cat hasn’t been to Akuna Pet Resort before, you will no doubt have questions. Many of the answers will be found on our FAQ page. You may also want to visit our cattery to see for yourself that the reality matches the pictures.

We are pleased to welcome you for a visit any time although we do not conduct inspections on the same day that your cat is booked in for a holiday as we find that pets settle so much better if they say goodbye at the office.

2. Booking

You can book Akuna’s cattery accommodation and a care package with a phone call or email. Alternatively, use our online booking form. We do not require a deposit, as we understand that you would only cancel your cattery reservation if you have an emergency. We pride ourselves on making holidays easier, not more difficult.

For busy periods such as Christmas and school holidays, please book your cat boarding several months in advance to avoid disappointment.

3. Pick-Up

If for convenience you choose to use our pick up service, we will collect your cat from your home in Sydney, Newcastle, the Hunter Valley or Central Coast and transport it to our beautiful cattery.

Pick up is between 6am and 8am Monday – Friday, depending upon your location. Your cat will travel in a modern Mercedes van in a secure personal travel crate and in air-conditioned comfort.

See our Chauffer Service for more details on how this works.

The chauffeur who collects your cat will check that your paperwork is all in order regarding pet and client info forms, contact details, delivery home date and up to date vaccinations.

If you are driving your cat to our pet resort, follow the directions on our contact page or put the address into your GPS which will bring you straight to our door. Upon arrival we’ll check your paperwork regarding pet & client info forms, home date, contact details and current vaccinations. After that it’s time for a cuddle goodbye and your cats holiday time to begin.

4. First Day

When your cat arrives at our Cattery, it will be weighed before being taken to its new, modern accommodation pad. We weigh all cats upon arrival as part of our commitment to their overall good health & continue to weigh them regularly throughout their holiday stay.

Once in their new accommodation they will have the opportunity to explore, meet their neighbours and settle into their new home away from home.

Confident cats will launch into cuddle and fun time straight away whilst those that are more shy may take a day or two to warm up and be fully confident with their new surroundings.

Either way right from day one we make sure your cat will feel as loved and well cared for as they do at at home.

5. Comfortable Accommodation

You want your cat to feel like they have found a home away from home when they head off to a cattery for a holiday stay and that is exactly what they will find at Akuna.

Our cattery accommodation provides a living room, couch, tv, four-level, floor-to-ceiling accommodation pads, soft sleeping cubby houses, garden courtyard, air con, fresh air, natural sunlight, scratch towers and heaps of toys.

6. Relax & Have Fun

Depending on your cats energy levels & personality you can chose from a variety of different options when it comes to “wander time” in our living room & well–sealed outdoor courtyard. Plus we offer various amounts of play, cuddle and brushing time depending on your cat’s individual needs. See our Cat packages page. Best of all, you can easily check out how happy your cat is by watching the free Instagram video you’ll be sent every day.

7. Returning Home

When home time comes around, we’ll make sure your cat is ready for their homeward trip by gathering up any food, medication, toys or bedding they may have and recording their final check-out weight.

You can choose from two options at home time – either come and pick your furry one up or you can book a delivery home in one of our air conditioned Mercedes vans. Either way we’ll definitely squeeze in one last cuddle before saying “goodbye” and sending them on their way.

Once home we’re sure you cat will share lots of stories about their fabulous Hunter Valley holiday.