MEDICATION CARE - $34 per day

Many cats are now on daily medications ranging from tablets, eye drops, creams & even needles.  We live in a wonderful age of pet parenting where these medications, though costly at times make it possible for your cat to live a longer, healthy life.

If your cat requires daily medication you might be worried about what will happen when you need to be away from home for work or holidays. Not all cattery resorts are set up to dispense medication but here at Akuna we do a fantastic job. Depending on the medication required we have a number of systems and strategies in place to make sure your furry one receives the right medication, on the right day, at the right time. Importantly all medication is refrigerated and clearly labelled. Furthermore only senior staff administer medication, signing a “daily medication chart” that is then checked off by a manager.

Our approach may seem a bit over the top to some, but we are well aware of how important it is to maintain your cat’s medication schedule.

Caring this much is how we maintain your furry ones good health during their holiday stay.

But that’s not all! Your furry one will enjoy its own private four level accommodation space that opens onto a warm & friendly living room with a comfy lounge, tv and a fun scratch tower. For added comfort we provide heating and cooling and a soft fabric cubby house to sleep in. Your furry one will feel happy & relaxed in their new “home away from home”.

  • 1 hr wander time in our living room & sunny cattery courtyard
  • ¼ hr cuddle & brush time
  • Medication am & pm
  • Premium dry food served 2 x per day in the morning and at dinner time

Daily exercise is important to help your cat maintain good health. Plus they will love a wander around our beautiful living room and sunny garden courtyard, exploring and enjoying all the new and interesting scents. A bit of one to one loving is important too, making the “cuddle & brush” time the highlight of their day. (And our day too!)

And to make sure you don’t miss your little furry too much, we will send you a free daily Instagram video of your cat getting a cuddle, having a playtime or enjoying a wander around our lovely cattery.

Note – Akuna’s acceptance of a “Medication Care” cat for holiday care is done on a case by case basis. This means an assessment will need to take pace prior to booking your dog’s holiday.