Senior Care - $34 per day

We love all of our four pawed guests equally but it is hard not to love our senior citizens just that little bit more. How could we not given their enthusiasm for a chat or a cuddle and how they take things slowly, enjoying the small & wonderful things in life like a good stretch, a leisurely garden wander, a warm sunbake or a restful midday snooze.

Your furry one will enjoy its own private four level accommodation space that opens onto a warm & friendly living room with a comfy lounge, tv and a fun scratch tower. For added comfort we provide heating and cooling and a soft fabric cubby house to sleep in. Your furry one will feel happy & relaxed in their new “home away from home”.

Daily exercise is as important for a senior cats as it is for a younger cat as it helps them to maintain overall good health and physical strength. Plus they will love a wander around our beautiful living room and sunny garden courtyard, exploring and enjoying all the new and interesting scents. A gentle brush and a belly rub make this 1/4hr play, cuddle brush time a highlight of their day and ours too!

  • 1 hr wander time in our living room & sunny cattery courtyard
  • ¼ hr cuddle & brush time
  • Premium dry food served 2 x per day in the morning and at dinner time, softened with gravy if needed

No problems either, if your senior cat requires medication. Simply provide their medication/s to us and advise when it is due to be given. That information is popped onto our medication schedule and then signed off by senior staff on the day it’s given. All medications are refrigerated and securely stored.

And to make sure you don’t miss your little furry too much, we will send you a free daily Instagram video of your cat getting a cuddle, having a playtime or enjoying a wander around our lovely cattery.

As you can see we take really good care of our beautiful, furry senior citizens.

Note – if your senior cat is no longer able to jump please talk to us about how we can set up their accommodation space to be on one level.

  • 3 x 1/2 hr wander time in our living room & sunny cattery courtyard
  • 3 x ¼ hr play, cuddle & brush time (one in the morning, one at lunchtime and one in the afternoon)