At Akuna Pet Resort, we understand that cats are as individual as children. That’s why we have different cat boarding care packages for you to select from.

Cats often have special dietary, medical or age related requirements. Please call us to put your mind at rest about our experience of dealing with cats with special needs in our cattery.

Special Diet & Nutrition

Many cats are now on their own diet due to allergies, health issues or personal preference. Akuna is well placed to help with this special need as each of our cat guests has their own individual accommodation space. This means your cat will not have access to any other cat’s food at any time. Alternately we will feed a delicious vet-recommended dry food by Royal Canin. We feed once per day in the morning but twice a day feeding is an option if this is what your furry one is used too. If your cat has no teeth, we soften their dry food with a little bit of warm water before serving

At Akuna we weigh your cat on the morning they arrive and then regularly throughout their stay and also keep records on how much food they eat daily. If needed, we will increase or decrease their food portion size. This is how we ensure a healthy weight is maintained during their holiday stay.


Kittens have heaps of energy and enjoy exploring. This is why they love our cattery with its indoor living room & sunny garden courtyard. Add a tv, lots of fun toys and you can imagine what a great holiday your kitten will have. In addition we give our kitten guests plenty of daily cuddles. If your kitten is sociable they can say a nose “Hi” to their friendly neighbours during their wander around time!

Kittens have special dietary requirements so we feed a vet-recommended dry food, specifically formulated for your cat’s breed and age, two times daily as is recommended for a growing kitten.

Check out our “Kitten Care” packages.


We have many senior cats come and holiday with us and they are well catered for in many ways. Most importantly, our cattery is climate controlled by split system air conditioning so our senior cat guests are warm in winter and cool in summer. Our soft cat houses provide a comfortable sleeping spot. For the seniors who are no longer able to jump up to the first floor level of our cat accommodation, there is ample room to set up litter, food and water at ground level. If your cat has no teeth, we soften their dry food with a little bit of warm water before serving.

Our senior cats love sunshine so during their wander time they can either snooze in the sunny courtyard of rest in the cat hammock tower by the window. And of course they will get daily cuddles to let them know how well loved they are.

Check out our “Senior Care” package.