For convenience, why not make use of our pick-up and delivery service. We come right to your door throughout Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast and the Hunter Valley.

Your pet will enjoy the comfort of a modern, air conditioned Mercedes van and to ensure their safety, will be transported individually in their own private travel crate.

Our drivers are reliable and friendly and love getting to know the pets they are chauffeuring. 


Pick up from $25 – includes any number of pets

Delivery from $25 – includes any number of pets


What are your Pick-up and Delivery days? 

Our pick-up and delivery service operates 5 days a week, Monday to Friday

Please note – this service is not available on Public holidays.


What are your Pick-up and Delivery times? 

Sydney – between 6:00am and 8:00am.
Newcastle – between 7:00am and 8:00am

Hunter Valley – between 7:00am and 8:00am
Central Coast – between 7:00am and 10:00am


How does the pick-up and delivery work?

When you make a holiday booking you will be asked if you require a pick-up and delivery for your pet. If you do this will then be booked for the day you request and added to your holiday invoice.

Late in the afternoon of the day before pickup or delivery you will receive a call from one of our lovely office team to confirm you address and advise what time we will be coming to pick up your pet.  Your dog will travel in a modern Mercedes van in a secure personal travel crate and in air conditioned comfort.

“See our Chauffeur Service for more details on how this works”


Can I book in a specific pick up or delivery time?

Unfortunately you will not be able to book a specific pick up or delivery time as the daily travel schedule is created relative to how many pets we are transporting and which suburbs we are heading too.

We try our best to accommodate your situation but cannot guarantee a specific arrival time. If your circumstances mean you definitely have to leave by a certain time, we suggest you organise a backup plan where a friend or neighbour meets us at your house after your departure.

Alternately you may prefer to book a pick up the day before you have to leave. This means one less thing to worry about on the day you depart and also avoids any potential last minute hiccups or delays.


Can you pick up or drop my pet off to a different address? For example my mums house as she is always home.

We are happy to pick up or drop your pet of to any address/person you like as long as they are available from 6am in the morning. All we require is their address and phone contact details.


Can you pick up or drop off my pet to my vets?

We are happy to drop your pet off to your vets as long as they are willing to be available from 6am onwards.


Do I have to be home when the chauffer picks up or drops off my pet?

Yes someone will have to be home as it is Akuna’s policy that our chauffers must receive and hand a pet back to a person. Consider asking a friend or neighbour if they can help out.

Note – At handover time the contact person you have chosen becomes responsible for your pets wellbeing.

Tips and suggestions

If you think saying “goodbye” to your furry one might upset you or your children chose instead to say “goodbye” at your house rather than at the van where your dog will be placed into a wire travel grate.

Take your dog for a walk before they are picked up so they have an opportunity to go to the toilet.

It is best not to feed breakfast on the day of pick up as it will make your furry one feel sick during their trip. They will enjoy a yummy breakfast upon their arrival.

Please set your alarm because our drivers are often on a tight schedule and won’t have time to wait for you to get up and going.