Our Doggy “Water Fun Park” is the only purpose built “Doggy” splash park in Australia and from the amount of fun our guests are having it was the right decision to get one built.

Water Park Sam & Lexi C 2015
Odie Water Fun Park8
“Doggie Water Fun Park”

The “Water Fun Park” area is huge, has a swimming pool and a splash park with 8 fountain water jets doing different sprays. It’s perfect for dogs wanting to launch themselves into the deep end, but also wonderful for the many other dogs that prefer to bite at water jets & flop in the shallow puddles.

We also have an ever changing basket of cool water float toys to play fetch and tug with. It really is the best doggy aquatic playground ever!

For safety reasons the pool is only chest deep on a human so if a dog gets into trouble with its swimming we can always wade in and fish it out. Our more confident swimmers simply take a running leap and do the biggest dive bombs possible right into the middle. It is so fun to watch!

If your dog has never had a swim before and you would like to see if they like it, just let us know when you book your dog’s holiday and we can let you know how it goes.

And the best bit of all? – You’ll receive a free daily video, showing how much fun your water baby’s having. Summer has never been so fabulous!

So if your furry one is more duck than dog you really must add some swims to their next holiday stay as this is definitely the activity of choice when it comes to a dog that LOVES swimming and splashing.