Akuna Pet Resort is a dog hotel for discerning owners and cherished pooches. Our accommodation is exclusive in more ways than one. From the moment we collect your dog from your home in Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast or Hunter Valley, it will be treated like one of our own pets.

What room is right for your dog?

We have two room types that can be tailored to suit your dog.

If you have two dogs that you would like to share a room you will receive a 20% discount off your room for your second dog.

Add a package to your room

We have a range of high quality packages that can be added to your pooch’s room to ensure they have a fun holiday with us at Akuna Pet Resort. Charges are additional to room charges

If you have more than one dog, provided they can play together they can share a package. This means that if you add a package to both dogs your pooches will get double the fun playtime!

If you have previously arranged the fear reactive package you can still arrange this. Please call us on (02) 4930 4452 to include it on your stay.

Additional services
Health and medication

All dogs must be currently vaccinated to a C5 level and a vaccination certificate will need to be shown at commencement of your dog’s holiday or emailed through ahead of time. All dogs must be on a flea treatment that kills fleas on contact. This way your pet and our pet resort stays flea free. All dogs must be on an all wormer and be current with their annual heartworm treatment.

If your pooch has additional medication requirements we have excellent systems in place to manage this, including for injectable medications. We do though apply a small handling fee for the preparation and administration of medication.

Bringing your own food

At Akuna we feed our guests a delicious premium dry food once per day in the morning but if you prefer we are happy to feed your pet twice a day. We divide the recommended daily portion size into two servings, feeding one portion in the morning and one portion at night. Please note that we apply a small handling fee for this service.

If your dog is on its own food due to allergies or personal preference we will make sure they receive the exact amount of food you have recommended and that they don’t have access to any other dog’s food.

Additional treats

We have a range of delicious treats that are available to add to your dog’s stay. Treats include pigs ear, small bone, roo stick or peanut butter kongs.

Vet transport

Occasionally we need to transport a pet to the vets for either a medical emergency or for a more routine treatment such as getting their vaccinations updated. If this occurs during your pets holiday stay we apply a pet transportation fee for this service

Long term bookings

If you are going away for a significant period of time please reach out to discuss options for your accommodation.

Table of additional services
Bringing your own food$3/day
Medication – preparation and administration$5/day
Pigs ear$3.50/treat
Small bone$3.00/treat
Roo stick$2.00/treat
Peanut Butter Kong$4.00/treat
Vet transport$30 one off as required