Akuna Pet Resort is a dog hotel for discerning owners and cherished pooches. Our accommodation is exclusive in more ways than one. From the moment we collect your dog from your home in Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast or Hunter Valley, it will be treated like one of our own pets.

Hotel Room

Lovely Indoor Room

Our resort-style dog hotel boarding kennels rooms are big enough to fit a full sized double bed so even our largest canine guests have heaps of room to lounge around & stretch out. The inside space of each dog’s hotel room is 2m x 2.5m

Add a little gentle radio music and you have a fabulous spot to relax & stay. And don’t worry about the heat of summer or cool of winter either as our hotel rooms are really well insulated, ensuring a nice temperature all year round.

Grass Yard

Large outdoor sunny space that is accessible from 7am to 7pm

Each hotel room has an attached, individual sunny grass yard that is 2m x 7.5m in size. So plenty big enough to have a run, say “Hi” to new neighbours through the fence, enjoy a snoozy sunbake or just watch the clouds roll by.

Akuna is proud of providing every one of our holidaying canines 20 m2 of accommodation space including an indoor room and a grass outdoor area because we know that dogs need space to exercise, relax & be happy.

Water Fun Park

Our Doggy “Water Fun Park” is the only purpose built “Doggy” splash park in Australia and from the amount of fun our guests are having it was the right decision to get one built. The “Water Fun Park” area is huge, has a swimming pool and a splash park with 8 fountain water jets doing different sprays. We also provide tons of water float toys to fetch and play tug with.

For safety reasons the pool is only chest deep on a human so if a dog gets into trouble with its swimming we can always wade in and fish it out. Our more confident swimmers simply take a running leap and do the biggest dive bombs possible right into the middle. It is so fun to watch!

If your dog has never had a swim before and you would like to see if they like it, just let us know when you book your dog’s holiday and we can let you know how it goes. We can even send a video and photos so you can see their first water experience

So if your furry one is more duck than dog you really must add some swims to their next holiday stay as this is definitely the activity of choice when it comes to a dog that LOVES swimming and splashing.

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Comfort & Safety

Comfort and safety are so important when it comes to a Pet Resort holiday stay. If it’s not comfortable your dog will be cold & miserable and if it’s not safe you may not get your dog back at all. At Akuna both of these issues have been well and truly taken care of.

When it comes to comfort we have it all as each dog’s hotel room contains a large trampoline style bed, a polar fleece blanket and soft radio music. Your dog can snooze during the day whenever they like and at night time, we close their yard-connecting back door to keep the warmth in and the cool night air out. This way it feels just like a cosy night at home! Put simply – We specialize in spoilt!

Akuna is proud to provide a completely safe environment. Firstly we designed our doggy accommodation area to be completely secure, with thick brick walls, ceilings, and solid metal clad doors. Plus the outdoor area is fully enclosed and made of weldmesh; a tough fencing material that allows for fresh air and sunshine but doesn’t let any would be Houdini’s escape. Secondly our four big grass play yards are located in the middle of our complex, surrounded by enclosed walkways, so there is no way a dog can take off over a perimeter fence.

With the above information in mind, you’ll be able to relax and not worry, knowing that your furry one is being well cared for in a safe and loving environment.

Special Needs

At Akuna Pets we pride ourselves on taking excellent care of all our pet guests, including their “accommodation special needs”. Our senior and post-surgery dogs benefit from our Pet Resorts “No Steps” design. Bedding wise we match trampoline beds to the size of dog meaning everything from Chihuahua’s to Great Danes are catered for but please feel welcome to send along your dog’s own bedding from home if you feel this will make for a happier stay. The sleeping area itself is huge, so well able to accommodate any size dog or even a family of dogs from the same home. All hotel rooms are extremely well insulated so a nice temperature is maintained year-round but if your dog is particularly sensitive to hot or cold we offer the option of air-conditioned rooms. If you have a dog unfriendly hound they can be accommodated in a room and yard area that has no vision to neighbouring dogs. These panelled rooms are great for dogs recuperating from surgery and advised not to overdo it.

Whatever your dogs “Accommodation Special Needs”, feel confident that Akuna will be able to help.