Many pet parents choose to “add on” extra fun activities or treats, just to make sure their dog has a fantastic holiday.


Fun Stuff

Water Fun Park$17$30$52
Bush Walk$12$20$37
Dog Brush$12$20$37
Warm Hydro Bath$20
Malaseb Hydro Bath$24
Blow Dry after swim$8


Mixed treat bag (Fresh & Dry) – a daily yummy treat (fresh & Dry) – $2.00 p/day

Mixed treat bag (Fresh only) – A daily yummy treat (fresh only) – $1.30 p/day

Barf Pattie – $3.00

Pigs Ear – $3.00

Chicken Wing – $1.10

Chicken Drumstick – $1.50

Small bone – $2.50

Roo Stick – $1.50

Beef Gravy – $1.50

Beef Ice Cream – $3.00

Chicken Ice Cream – $3.00

Warm Roast Chicken & Veggie Dinner 200g – $8.00

Roast Chicken 100g (to mix through dry food) – $5.00

Roast Chicken 200g (to mix through dry food) – $9.00

Peanut Butter Kong – $3.50

Vegemite or Peanut Butter Toast – $3.00

Treats from home (handling fee) – $2.00 p/treat



Our hotel rooms are all well insulated but if your dog is old, sensitive to hot or cold or is simply spoilt you may want to consider the option of adding air conditioning. This way your dog’s hotel room will remain a nice comfortable temperature, no matter what the season. We do provide comfortable bedding but if your dog is used to sleeping on a human bed they will definitely appreciate you booking them the single bed option. Then add a little TV and you’ve got accommodation fit for a King.

Heating/cooling                  $12.00 p/day

Single bed & tv                   $10.00 p/day