My dog is really spoilt and lives indoors so I am worried about him/her being in a dog boarding kennel, outdoors in the cold?

We completely understand how important your dog’s happiness is and providing them with a little home away from home is part of making sure your dog has a great holiday. So when we built our new Akuna Pet Resort in 2008, we made sure to design it so that our pet guests enjoyed both indoor comfort and outdoor sunny grass areas.

As for being really spoilt—well the thing is that we like to spoil our pet guests with lots of love too. We also offer a number of different ‘care packages’ so you can organise as much one-on-one loving and fun activities as you like for your well-loved pooch.

How big is the accommodation space?

Every dog in our care enjoys the comfort of its own large, well insulated hotel room with all day access to their own private grass garden yard. Most dog boarding kennels call this their luxury option but we believe all our pet guests should feel comfortable and happy. The hotel room is 5 m2 which is big enough to fit a double bed. The grass yard twice the size of the indoor hotel room section. And don’t forget your dog has this entire 20 m2 space to itself.

Will my dog have to share his accommodation with another dog that he doesn’t know?

No. We are a Resort, not a youth hostel! At Akuna your dog will never have to share its hotel room with another strange dog. We believe that our pet guests need their own comfortable private space to be relaxed and happy. This way they are not picked on, having their toys stolen or being kicked off their bed and they won’t have a strange dog eating their food either.

Two dogs from the same family

The only time we have two dogs in the same hotel room is if they are from the same family and their owner chooses for them to share their accommodation.

Most two dog families do share their hotel room as they are generally the best of buddies, but even the best of friends can have fights over certain things. For dogs, this is often food. We have designed our accommodation in such a way that we can separate two dogs sharing the one hotel room at feed time. We do this by putting one dog in the grass yard section and keeping the other dog in the hotel room part. We simply shut the back door that separates these two parts of their accommodation while they eat. We then go back a little while later (when both dogs have eaten all their food) to open up the separating back door.

Alternatively, if they are both reasonably quick eaters we will just stay with them whilst they are having their tucker. If one of your dogs is a really quick eater and the other prefers to graze throughout the day, it may be better to have them in side-by-side hotel rooms during the day and then put them back together at night fall.

We will always make sure that each of your lovely dogs gets their fair share of tucker. This means that you won’t get back one thin dog and one fat dog, which is often the case with pet resorts that have not been designed well or don’t pay attention to this important issue. We are happy to accommodate your two or three or four dogs in any way you choose. They can board together and play together, or board side-by-side but play together, or board side-by-side and have individual play times.

The whole idea of the holidays we offer to you and your dogs is that you can choose exactly what you think works best for them. If you are not sure, we can always try it the way you think it would work best and see how it goes. If it is not working, we will try a different way.

Can my dog share his room with another friendly dog as he loves other dogs and then he would have a doggy friend to keep him company?

No. Although it sounds like a good idea and the reason you are asking is because you have your dog’s happiness in mind, we have found through experience that it doesn’t work well for a number of reasons.

Keeping in mind that dogs are pack animals, it is not surprising that whenever two or more get together for the first time there is always going to be a degree of competition
to see who is the boss. This simply means one dog being a bit of a bully over the other one, which is not at all fun for the dog being bullied.

It is also important to note that two dogs who love playing together (even if they have just met) won’t necessarily enjoy sharing a sleeping space where competition over bedding, toys and food occurs.


A few of the outcomes of two or more dogs boarding in the same accommodation space:

  • Dogs that enjoy playing together don’t necessarily enjoy sleeping in the same space together. In fact, quite often one dog will hog two beds and make the other dog sleep on the floor.
  • When two dogs are in the same accommodation space it is not unusual for one dog to get more food, meaning one dog gets fat and the other one loses weight. If the two dogs eat at the same quick pace, a staff member can stay present to make sure everyone gets their fair share but if both dogs are graze eaters where the food needs to be left with them, there is no way to know if each dog is getting enough food. This is a problem with treats as well. For example, if you buy your dog a pig’s ear it will quite likely be stolen by the more dominant dog once the animal carer has left the room.
  • Dogs can be quite possessive over toys—so it is not uncommon for a more reserved, quieter dog to have its toys stolen by the more dominant dog. 
Also, a dog that loves its toy (and doesn’t want to share it) will feel compelled to protect it from the other strange dog, meaning a permanent state of being on guard. Very stressful! This can be the case even if the other dog is not interested in the toy at all.

So if your dog is the more gentle natured one of the multiple dogs boarding in the one room, it will most likely be sleeping on the floor, not having the comfort of its favourite toys or being stressed protecting the toy and getting thinner and thinner due to not getting enough food. Not a good holiday at all!

How long during the day do they get to be outdoors on grass?

All day! We open up our pet guest’s hotel room back doors at 7am in the morning. They then have access to this nice out door grass yard area for the rest of the day. We shut the back door again at nightfall, to keep the hotel room nice and warm throughout the night.

Do they have an indoor section protected from the weather?

Yes. All our guests enjoy a comfortable indoor room, which is so big you can fit a human single sized bed and still have space to move around.

This room is well-insulated so it maintains a nice even temperature all year round. Last but not least, this hotel room has gentle radio music playing so that your dog will hear a familiar and comforting sound from home.

How many dogs do you accommodate?

Akuna Pet Resort has 80 rooms. This means that if each room has one dog in it, we would have 80 dogs holidaying with us. But often people have a two dog family, so when we are full we have approximately 100 dogs holidaying with us.

You might be thinking: ‘that is a lot of dogs!’ but if you think about a primary school with 100 pupils, you would think that was quite small. The other thing to keep in mind is that at any given time, at least ¾ of our pet guests have holidayed with us before (often many times before) so we already know them quite well (their names, their favourite games, their health issues etc.) so we are actually only meeting a small amount of new dogs at a time.

Another important consideration when asking how many dogs are holidaying at a pet resort/dog boarding kennels is to ask what the staff to dog ratio is. For instance, a kennel that has room for 20 dogs and is run by one person would give the pet guests less attention than a kennel that had room for 40 dogs but had three people looking after the pet guests.

At Akuna Pet Resort we match our staff to our pet guest’s needs, which means that your dog will get the same amount of quality care and attention all year round regardless of how full we are. It should be a comfort to know that during school holidays when we are full, we have 10 full time staff giving care, love, fun and attention to our holidaying pet guests. That’s one staff member to every 10 dogs. (Please note —the one-to-one fun activity time given to your dog is linked to the care package you have chosen for them.) We also have a full time office person so you can call us or email anytime you like to see how your pet’s holiday is going.