My dog is not friendly with other dogs – is this a problem if I board him with you?

No problem at all as plenty of dogs are not dog-friendly for no other reason than that they were born that way, preferring instead the company of people.

At Akuna Pet Resort, each pet guest has their own private individual indoor hotel room with an attached grass garden yard. Depending on how dog-unfriendly your dog is, they will either have a panelled grass yard area (meaning they cannot see a dog neighbour on either side) or will have a non panelled room with a suitable dog neighbour on either side. A suitable neighbour for a dog-unfriendly dog is an older dog who sleeps most of the day.

In addition, all our play times and bush walks are done individually meaning that one pet carer will be giving love and attention to your one dog during its daily fun activity time. So no problem at all with your dog-unfriendly dog coming to holiday with us, as they are as welcome as any of our pet guests.

My dog has some behavioural issues and is not friendly to new people. Would you still be able to mind him/her?

We are recommended by a number of behaviourist vets and dog trainers precisely because we understand and address the requirements of a dog that has behavioural issues. Be it anxiety, fear aggressiveness towards dogs and or people, storm phobias etc. Akuna Pet Resort has been purpose built to reduce stress by way of a design that provides individual private hotel rooms where a dog can take time out from saying “hi” to its neighbours any time it chooses. This makes it possible for a dog to get essential “down time” necessary for health and happiness during a holiday stay, particularly for a dog with behavioural issues.

Fear aggressiveness towards new people is due to a dog feeling threatened, so we work at building trust right from moment one, with liver treats, not eye staring a dog, being on their level, sweet talking and simply taking the time to sit and be with your dog. This approach allows us to win over a nervous dog in a short period of time.

Generally speaking, fear aggressive dogs will be absolutely fine with a person once they have accepted that they are part of their human loving family. We have found that a dog with these issues clearly remembers us on their second and ongoing holiday stays. Meaning they settle in and are happy and relaxed much faster than it took in their first stay, due to already knowinging the loving pet carers who are looking after them. You can tell because as soon as a carer says their name, you can see their ears prick up and their head turn as if to say ‘I know that voice – that’s someone I like and trust’.


In addition, we are well equipped to handle any medicines that your dog may be on such as Lovan, Clomicalm, Prozac etc. Medications are given in a piece of yummy cabanossi, so it goes down a treat. If your dog is fear aggressive towards new people, it is important that you advise us of this before their holiday stay so we can discuss in detail the sorts of ways that their fear aggressiveness presents itself. This allows us to work out the best holiday plan for them.