My two dogs love each other to bits and cannot be separated, so I want them staying in the same hotel room but they will need to be supervised or separated at feed time otherwise one will eat all the food. Is this a problem for you?

Most two dog families share their hotel room, as they are generally the best of buddies, but even the best of friends can have fights over certain things. For dogs this is often food.

Due to this our accommodation has been designed in such a way that we can separate two dogs sharing the one hotel room at feed time. We do this by putting one dog in the grass yard section and keeping the other dog in the hotel room part and shutting the back door that separates these two sections of their accommodation. We then go back 10 to 15 minutes later (when both dogs have eaten all their food) to open up the separating back door again.

Alternatively if they are both fairly quick eaters, we will simply stay with them whilst they are having their tucker. If one of your dogs is a really quick eater and the other prefers to graze eat throughout the day, it may be better to have them in side-by-side hotel rooms during the day and then put back together at night fall.

Any way we go about feed time, we will make sure that each of your lovely dogs gets their fair share of their tucker. This means that you won’t get back one thin dog and one fat dog, which is often the case with pet resorts that have not been designed well or don’t pay attention to this important issue.

I have two dogs and they love to play together but don’t like sharing the same sleeping space. So can I have them in side-by-side hotel rooms but together for play time?

We are happy to do accommodate your dogs in any way you choose. They can board together and play together, or board side-by-side but play together, or board side-by-side and have individual play times. The whole idea of the holidays we offer your dogs is that you can choose exactly what you think works best for them. If you are not sure, we can always try it the way you prefer, see how it goes and if it is not working try a different approach.