Is the dog’s accommodation escape proof as my dog is a Houdini and can escape from almost anywhere?

We designed and built the new Akuna Pet Resort in 2008 to replace our old dog kennel facility. One of the most important factors to get right was to make the complex completely escape proof. Mission accomplished, as we have had zero escapes since moving into this new complex!

To achieve this goal we have made the fencing in each dog’s grass garden yard from weldmesh. We concrete edged the grass yard part (so no digging into the neighbour’s pen or out into an unfenced area). Finally we completely sealed over the top of each grass yard with wire to prevent any climbing escapes. So there really is NO WAY OUT other than with a person, when it’s time to go home.

That said, our pet guests are happy to be holidaying with us so it is not often that we have a dog even trying to escape. In fact this usually only happens during a storm from our pet guests who hate lightning and thunder. In this case we keep them enclosed in the hotel room part of their accommodation space so they feel more safe and secure until the storm has passed.

Are the play yards fenced in as my dog can jump 2 metre fences?

Our play yards are located in the middle of our complex boarded by securely fenced undercover walkways. This means there are no perimeter fences to jump over. Most dog kennels have their play yards external to their accommodation space and this does pose escape problems for dogs that can jump fences. Each of four central play yards has internal fences (to separate the four play yards) that are 2.5 metres high. This is a difficult height for even the best high jumper to 
get over. That said, a 2.5 metre fence can be scaled by a determined and capable dog so if your dog is a 2.5 metre high fence jumper please let us know and we will pay particular attention to this during their play time.

It is also comforting to know that we never leave a dog in a play yard by itself. This means your dog will have no interest in trying to jump a play yard fence to get to
the other side, as he or she will be getting so much one-to-one fun and loving attention right where they are.