How do I know you are giving my dog the walks, play times and treats I have paid for?

This is a good question and unfortunately the answer is you won’t be able to know for sure, as there is no governing body that monitors and enforces this. Unfortunately this cheating behaviour takes place frequently across all types of dog boarding facilities from small country dog kennels to big city vet-recommended pet resorts. In addition, vet-operated dog boarding kennels attached to their vet practices also often do not deliver what is being promised.

I know this cheating behaviour to be a fact because I have employed and spoken to many current and ex-staff of these places (since 2001 right up to the present!) who have been clear in stating that the dogs and their owners are regularly deceived when it comes to the pet guests being given these purchased and promised fun activities. When I say to these animal carers how wrong this is, they shrug their shoulders and say: ‘What can I do? I am just a worker and I would just get fired if I said anything’. When I have mentioned it to other dog boarding kennel owners they say: ‘It’s the only way to make any money and everyone is doing it anyway’.

Over the years, we have employed a number of people who have worked for other dog boarding kennels and pet resorts from all over Australia, who can’t believe we actually do everything we say we do, as it is almost unheard of in the pet accommodation industry.

So back to the original question, how can you know that Akuna Pet Resort is delivering the walks, play times and water fun that you have paid for? One suggestion is that you come and view Akuna Pet Resort to see for yourself that our guest dogs are being played with, loved and walked all throughout the day. We also send you a daily Instagram video of your dog. That way you can see for yourself how much fun they are having.

We are happy to show you the staff activity sheets for the day, showing which dog is getting what fun activity and when.

We are proud to operate a fully transparent ‘Pet Resort’ where what you’re promised is what you get.

Can my dog play with other dogs?

The answer to this question is no! Although it seems like a good idea, in reality it’s not! Particularly in a kennel/pet resort environment where the group of dogs playing together constantly changes, creating confusion and distress for the dogs involved. It would be like taking your dog to 10 different dog parks 10 days in a row, or you yourself going to lunch with 10 new strangers every day for two weeks straight. It would be hard work physically, mentally and emotionally and not especially enjoyable!

If you dig a little deeper into this issue you will find many stories from dog owners and vets and trainers about the dog fights and injuries that are an inevitable result of putting a number of different dogs together in a confined space. Dogs are pack animals so it is no surprise that whenever two or more get together for the first time there is always going to be a degree of competition to see who the boss is. This simply means one dog being a bit of a bully over another one, which is not fun for the dog being bullied.

Having said that, it is true that dogs are social creatures, so it should be a comfort to know that when your dog is holidaying with us, he or she will be able to say ‘Hi’ at the fence to their dog neighbours. They will also see loving carers on and off throughout the day, so they won’t be bored or lonely at all.

How much one-to-one attention do the dogs receive?

We worked out years ago that different dogs have different needs. So if your dog is happy to sleep most of the day then they won’t need the ‘Triple Fun‘ care package. That would be a more likely care package for a Kelpie owner!

What I am saying is that our care packages are designed to offer you and your dog(s) the right amount of fun and love and exercise relative to their needs and your budget.

When you do a bush walk, are the dogs on or off lead?

We do our dog walks on lead as we walk along open bushland tracks through our beautiful (but unfenced) 10 acre property. We do use quite long walking leads so your dog will have plenty of leash length to sniff and wander at their leisure.

If your dog is due to have some bush walks throughout their holiday stay, they will be fitted with an Akuna Pet Resort soft, comfortable non slip walking collar to ensure their safety during a walk. This means your dog won’t be able to slip their own collar off over their head and take off after a rabbit. If you would prefer your dog to enjoy off lead time we would recommend either the “play time” or “water fun” as both these activities are done in securely fenced areas.