I am going away for a few weeks and am worried this is too long a time for my dog to be away from me. Do you think he/she will remember me when he/she comes home?

Don’t worry – your dog will definitely remember you. Dogs have great memories and can remember a person from years ago, even if they have only met once.

We have found that dog guests who have holidayed with us in the past, remember us even if they have not come to stay for a year or so.

We have even had dogs come and holiday with us for over a year and when we deliver them home they simply rock in, enthusiastically say Hi! to their owner and then go and sniff around to make sure everything is where they left it and then just settle back into their usual routine. It’s as though they have never been away in the first place!

Do you think my dog will miss me?

The answer to this is yes and no. Yes at first, in the sense that parting from each other may be a bit difficult for you both and some dogs do take a little longer than others to settle in. But don’t worry – with a little bit of love and reassurance they settle into their new environment and routine quite quickly. They are then happy and relaxed for the rest of their stay. So the challenging bit with adjusting, if there is any, will be right at the beginning of your pet’s holiday stay.

Once here and settled and feeling well loved they will not be missing a thing, including you. That said your dog will be thrilled to bits to see you again at the end of their holiday stay. Don’t forget that ’Dogs live for the moment’ – a great philosophy I think!

The most important thing you need to do to be sure your dog won’t miss you, is to make sure you research and choose a good pet resort or dog kennel where your dog will feel safe, happy and well loved.

If you do this their holiday stay will fly by. It is also nice to know that our staff really love dogs. So much so, it is what they have chosen to do with their lives. So your dog may not have your loving company, but they won’t be missing out, as they will be surrounded by a whole team of dog loving people!