Akuna Pet Resort is a dog hotel for discerning owners and cherished pooches. Our accommodation is exclusive in more ways than one. From the moment we collect your dog from your home in Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast or Hunter Valley, it will be treated like one of our own pets.

Health Requirements

All dogs must be currently vaccinated to a C5 level and a vaccination certificate will need to be shown at commencement of your dog’s holiday or emailed through ahead of time.

All dogs must be on a flea treatment that kills fleas on contact. This way your pet and our pet Resort stays flea free

All dogs must be on an all wormer and be current with their annual heartworm treatment.

Pet & Client Information Forms

It is essential that you fill in the “Pet information form” as it gives us a good understanding of your dog’s overall holiday needs. They give us a good snap shot of your dog’s health problems, diet, weight, what they like, what they don’t like etc. Pet Information Form

The “Client information” form is also important as it provides us with your contact details. This means we will have no difficulty getting in touch if needed, during your pets holiday stay. Client Information Form


Our hotel rooms are all well insulated but if your dog is old, sensitive to hot or cold or is simply spoilt you may want to consider the option of adding air conditioning. This way your dog’s hotel room will remain a nice comfortable temperature, no matter what the season. We do provide comfortable bedding but if your dog is used to sleeping on a human bed they will definitely appreciate you booking them the single bed option. Then add a little TV and you’ve got accommodation fit for a King.

Heating/cooling$12.00 p/day
Single bed & tv$10.00 p/day

At Akuna we have excellent systems in place to manage all of your pet’s medication requirements, including injectable medications. We do though apply a small handling fee for this service. We charge a flat $4/day per pet fee for the preparation and administration medication.

Handling fees and things from home

Some pet parents choose to send some familiar items from home or have dogs that require their own diet. We are happy to accommodate these requests but do apply small handling fees.

Bedding & toys from home$10.00 p/pet p/stay
Food from home$2.00 p/serve
Treats from home$2.00 p/serve

At Akuna we feed our guests a delicious premium dry food once per day in the morning but if you prefer we are happy to feed your pet twice a day. We divide the recommended daily portion size into two servings, feeding one portion in the morning and one portion at night. Please note that we apply a small handling fee for this service.

If your dog is on its own food due to allergies or personal preference we will make sure they receive the exact amount of food you have recommended and that they don’t have access to any other dog’s food.

You can purchase a number of yummy treats for your dog from our treat menu but if there is something we don’t offer or you would prefer to send along your dog’s own treats from home just let us know as we are happy to accommodate this request. Please note there is a small handling fee for this service.

Second feed option$2.00 p/day
Food from home$2.00 p/serve
Treats from home$2.00 p/day
Bookings & Payment Conditions

Bookings can be made by phone, email or online

Each pet is charged per calendar day. This includes arrival and departure days (and is regardless of drop off or pick up time).

High season rates are applicable to all school holidays, Friday to Tuesday of all long weekends, Anzac Day and Australia Day. See our High Season Calendar for more details.

Full payment is due at the commencement of dog boarding and can be done by credit card, direct transfer or EFTPOS. Pre paid bookings or any deposit paid towards bookings are non-refundable if you cancel however will remain as a credit for future use for a period of 12 months.

All Christmas bookings require a $200.00 deposit that is non-refundable if you cancel after the 1st December. All Easter bookings require a $200.00 deposit that is non-refundable if you cancel after 13 March.

Deposits paid outside of peak periods are non-refundable but can be used as a credit for 12 months to go towards a new booking.

Home Day

Our invoicing system works on a calendar day basis. This means, if your dog is being delivered home you will still be charged for the last day they are holidaying with us.

Public Holiday

Please note the office part of Akuna is closed on public holidays, including Friday to Monday of the Easter long weekend.


We offer discounts for long term stays or $ spend amounts (See below).

If you have any questions or would like a quote please give our lovely office team a call. They’ll be happy to help.

For Long term boarding:
5% – for bookings 8 weeks and over or spend amount of $2,750
10% – for bookings 12 weeks and over or spend amount of $4,100
15% – for bookings 6 months and over or spend amount of $8,900
20% – for bookings 1 year and over or spend amount of $17,800
For multiple pets:
5% – for 3 pets,
10% – for 4 or more pets

2 Dogs - How does this work?

We do not offer a discount on two dogs sharing the one hotel room but they do benefit by sharing their fun activity times.


For example if you have two dogs and both were booked on “Quality Care” – (a care package that includes 1 x ¼ hr playtime per day) they would share their combined 2 x ¼ hr playtimes per day. We schedule this as a ¼ hr play in the morning and then another ¼ hr play in the afternoon.

Alternately if you are looking to reduce your bill, you can have one dog on “Quality Care”  (a care package that includes 1 x ¼ hr playtime per day) & your other dog on “2nd Dog Resort Care” (a care package that has no activity time). In this situation your 2 dogs would share the 1 x 1/4hr daily playtime that comes with the “Quality Care” package.

Note – The price for “2nd Dog Resort Care” is $39 p/day

Any additional playtimes you purchase would also be shared.


If you purchase one “Bushwalk” for your dogs and their combined weight is less than 20kgs they will share their walk.  ie Your two dogs will be taken for a shared walk by one animal carer.

If you own two dogs whose combined weight is greater that 20kgs you will need to purchase 2 walks, as two animal carers will be required to provide this fun activity. Ie Two carers will take your two dogs for a walk at the same time.


Your two dogs are welcome to share their accommodation, as our hotel rooms are huge and comfortably fit two X/large trampoline beds. Generally speaking we find it’s best for two dogs from the same family to stay together, because let face it – they are usually best friends who can’t stand the idea of being separated. However if you have two dogs that would be happier with individual, side by side hotel rooms we are happy to arrange it this way for you.

You have 2 dogs that don’t get along.

In this situation you would book each dog in for a holiday as an individual guest on whichever care package you thought would suit them most. They would then have individual accommodation and fun one to one activity time with a carer. We can house you dogs next door to each other so they can say “hello” at the fence in their grass yard area or we can accommodate them well apart so they have no contact at all. Simply advise us of what you think would be best for your two dogs.

Give us a call

If you own two dogs and have any questions about the above please give us a call or contact us, as we are happy to chat about what holiday arrangements will best suits you and your pet’s.

Christmas Bookings

Minimum bookings apply to the Christmas period between 22nd of December and the 11th of January. We apply these minimum booking times/spends at Christmas when it is really busy to allow us to have enough income to carry our full time staff throughout the quieter months of the year. This way we can provide a consistent level of care meaning the same pet carers are able to look after your pets all year round.

All Christmas bookings require a $200.00 deposit that is non-refundable if you cancel the booking after the 1st of December

4 Weeks: (or $1,500 spend)
For new or existing customers that have not used our service in the last 12 months.

3 Weeks: (or $1,150 spend)
Existing customers that have used our service for less than 14 days of that calendar year, not including Christmas last year

2 Weeks: (or $760 spend)
For existing customers who have used our service for 14 days of that calendar year, not including Christmas last year.

1 Week: (or $380 spend)
For existing customers who have used our service for 28 days of that calendar year, not including Christmas last year.

January Shoulder

4 Days: (or $216 spend)
For all customers wanting to use us between the 12 of January to the 28th of January.

Vet Transport

Occasionally we need to transport a pet to the vets for either a medical emergency or for a more routine treatment such as getting their vaccinations updated. If this occurs during your pets holiday stay we apply a pet transportation fee for this service

Vet Pet transport – $30 p/trip

Groomer Transport

We do not provide grooming services on site at Akuna Pet Resort but we do use a fabulous local groomer if the need arises. So if you would like to get your pet groomed during their stay please call and speak to one of office team. They can advise you of the general rates our local groomer charges. These rates depend on the size of your dog and what type of cut they require. Akuna will need to transport your pet to the groomers and then pick them up a few hours later. Please note we charge a groomer transportation fee for this service.

Groomer Pet transport – $50