High Energy – From $79 per day

Can you ever truly wear out a “High Energy” dog? We ask ourselves this question all the time and we have come to the conclusion – probably not! But we do give it our very best shot!

If you happen to be the pet parent of one of these energizer dogs you will already know how important daily exercise is. (And lots of it!)

This is why our “High Energy” care package includes 3 fun 1/4hr activities a day. Even better is that each activity is different keeping it fun and interesting for your hyper one. First off is a morning power walk around the 10 acres of our property. Lunchtime will find you furry one tearing around our water fun park and bombing into the pool. Wrapped up with a late afternoon play time in one of our huge grass play yards where the only problem your dog will have is trying to choose which toy they want to play with most. We’ll also squeeze in plenty of hugs throughout the day as well.


For a bit of a mental challenge their AM & PM feeds will be feed in a treat ball, requiring your pet to expend a bit of brain power to get their tucker.

Add a yummy peanut butter kong and a bedtime chew treat and you pretty much have a perfect day!

Not enough tiring fun stuff? – Maybe add more activity time

High Energy 2 – includes 3 x 1/2hr per day walks, plays or swims – $99 per day

High Energy 3 – includes 3 x 1hr per day walks, plays or swims – $137 per day