Senior – $79 per day

We love all of our four pawed guests equally but it is hard not to love our senior citizens just that little bit more. We love how they are just as enthusiastic as when they were puppies. We love their trust in us to help them up in the morning if they are finding it a bit hard. We love how they take things slowly, enjoying the small & wonderful things in life like a relaxed stroll, a sunbake, a bowl of tasty tucker or a cuddle from someone you love.

We want your senior furry one to be comfortable and warm during their holiday stay which is why we include heating and cooling and memory foam bedding in our “Senior Care” package.

Diet wise your pet will enjoy a tasty premium dry food specially designed for seniors which when needed gets softened with gravy.

Daily exercise is quite important for a senior dog as it helps them to maintain overall good health and physical strength. Plus our senior guests love a 1/4hr morning stroll through our beautiful rural property. A restful day follows till their next fun activity, a 1/4hr afternoon playtime where they enjoy romping around a huge grass play yard filled with every toy you can imagine. Add some gentle one to one play with a loving carer and heaps of belly rubs and cuddles and you can be sure this will be the highlight of their day and ours too.

No problems either, if your senior dog requires medication during their stay. Simply provide their medication/s to us and advise when it is due to be given. That information is popped onto our medication schedule and then signed off by senior staff on the day it’s given. All medications are refrigerated and securely stored.

As you can see we take really good care of our beautiful, furry senior citizens.