Weight Loss – From $79 per day

Having an overweight dog can be a little embarrassing at times, particularly when your dog finds it hard to get up or make it home from a morning walk. It also makes you feel a bit guilty when your vet tells you you’re letting the team down.

The truth is though that some dogs are more prone to putting on weight than others and it can be hard to fit in a daily walk. And some dogs just have better begging eyes!

At Akuna we don’t mind how your dog got overweight – we just want to help you help them achieve a better weight, which in turn will lead to a healthier, happier and longer life.

What’s needed is a good plan and a little bit of discipline. A good way to get started is to book our “weight loss” care package which includes a nutritionally sound low fat diet, 3 x 1/4hr fun, high powered exercise times per day and a carer that won’t give in to those begging eyes.

But don’t think it’s all boot camp and no fun because here at Akuna we are all about fun no matter what “care package” a guest is on.

Your furry one will have daily weigh in to make sure we are on track for the desired weight loss.

And to celebrate the occasion we will present an “achievement certificate” showing how much weight has been lost.

Getting this “weight loss” head start during your pet’s holiday will make it so much easier to keep up the good work once your pet returns.

We can’t wait to send your furry one home looking trim, taught and terrific.

Want your furry one to get in shape faster? – Maybe add more activity time

Weight Loss 2 – includes 3 x 1/2hr per day walks, plays or swims – $101 per day

Weight Loss 3 – includes 3 x 1hr per day walks, plays or swims – $140 per day