At Akuna Pet Resort, we understand that dogs are as individual as children. That’s why we have different dog boarding care packages for you to select from.

We have outlined below some of the most common special needs that our regular guests have. There isn’t room to list all of them, but you can bet that we’ve seen it all before. From thunderstorm phobias to the Great Houdini, we have a solution for all special needs dogs. Please call us to put your mind at rest.

Medical Special Needs

Don’t worry if your dog needs medication. It is not uncommon these days for dogs to need antibiotics or cream applied and in fact, we spend on average 1.5 hours a day administering medications to pets in our care. We also have a fantastic local vet if the need arises.

Special Diet and Nutrition

Although we provide a vet-recommended dry food, we understand that some dogs have special nutritional requirements or would simply prefer to stay on the food they usually eat at home. You are welcome to provide your own wet or dry food that suits your dog’s special needs. We will feed your dog the amount you feed at home but recommend that you send a little extra along in case it is needed, as we weigh our dogs regularly throughout their stay to make sure they are maintaining a healthy weight. We find that some dogs may need a little bit extra given all the energy they will burn running around the play yard having fun.


Puppies have lots of energy and they also like to explore and sniff new things. For this reason, we include a daily bushwalk, lots of toys and an action-packed one-on-one playtime in our Puppy package. Your sociable puppy can also say Hi to its doggy neighbours through the fence in its grass yard area! Puppies love to chew so our Puppy package includes a daily treat, such as a pig’s ear, which satisfies their need to chew. Puppies have special dietary requirements so we feed a vet-recommended dry food, specifically formulated for your dog’s breed and age. We also feed two times daily as is recommended for a growing puppy.


We understand that our senior pet guests have special needs. In particular, our senior dogs are less able to deal with the very hot days or the very cold days. Therefore we put our seniors into a hotel room with split system air conditioning so they can enjoy a cool summer and a warm, cosy winter. Wet weather aggravates arthritis so all our senior guests have their own large indoor space where they can relax even on wet days. We also had our senior dogs in mind when we designed Akuna Pet Resort, so there are no steps anywhere in our complex. We also feed our senior guests a vet-recommended dry food specifically designed for their breed and age.

Behavioural Issues

If your dog is anxious, unfriendly or fear aggressive, don’t be deterred from using our dog boarding service. All playtimes and activities are conducted by our carers on an individual basis so special allowances can be made for behavioural needs. We also have some dog kennels with a panelled yard so they don’t have to see the neighbours!

Weight Issues

Some dogs lose or gain weight easily. We weigh all dogs on arrival and monitor them carefully. Some dog boarding kennels feed all dogs together which results in dogs under or over eating. We feed all dogs individually at Akuna Pet Resort. Our dogs enjoy a delicious, vet-recommended dry food by Royal Canin.