Fear/people reactive – $79 per day

If you own a fear aggressive dog you will already be aware of how tricky they can be to handle and the risk involved for those who try. At Akuna we have provided wonderful holidays to many fear aggressive dogs and over time have developed a program to care for them. It requires well trained carers, love, patience, interaction, treats, space, recall leads, fun activities and time…..lots of time!

In fact due to the amount of time it takes to win over a “Fear Reactive” dog, we have a “four day minimum stay” in place for 1st time users of this care package. This time allows us to begin the process of gaining your dog’s trust. Please note that this may not be long enough to fully win your dog’s trust as it can take 7 to 14 days to create a good trusting bond, allowing your dog to become relaxed, confident & happy.

Our “Fear aggressive” care package contains a number of gentle strategies that with time create a trust bridge between an Akuna Carer and your fearful dog. Once this trust is established we find that most fear aggressive dogs become happy, loving, tail wagging, toy chasing dogs. As an added bonus this trust in us will generally stay in place for future holidays (even a year later) meaning less stress for you, your dog and our carers. We essentially become a part of your pets trusted extended family.

Most owners of fear aggressive dogs are sure they will never again be able to take another holiday – but this isn’t true. You simply need to find the right Pet Resort, with the right type of care and the right people. At Akuna you will find all three of these.

Included in this care package is 1/2 hr p/day of one to one time with a carer, in walks, playtime, water park fun or simply comforting company. This will be broken up into 5, 10 or 15 min lots depending on what we feel is best for the dog.

Note – Akuna’s acceptance of a fear aggressive dog for holiday care is done on a case by case basis. This means an assessment will need to take pace prior to booking your dog’s holiday.