Since its inception Akuna Pet Resort has continually improved upon the holiday care we provide our furry guests and created a home away from home, where pets receive the love and attention they are used to. It’s a place where pet parents can leave their furry kids without worrying or feeling guilty.

In 2008 Akuna opened its doors to the new Pet Hotel, providing resort-style dog & cat boarding facilities that catered for well-loved pets accustomed to the comforts of living indoors. Hotel rooms, grass yards, music, snuggly bedding and activities like one-on-one playtimes and bushwalks means our doggy guests are safe, warm, happy & having fun.  Our cat guests benefited as well, enjoying the luxury of a beautiful indoor living room cattery with an attached leafy, garden courtyard in which to explore and sunbake. It’s simply purrrrrfect for a pampered holiday.

In Dec 2014 we officially opened our “Doggy Water Fun Park”.

We purpose built this space for dogs that wanted to swim but also for dogs that preferred to run around under the sprinklers, bite at water jets and flop in the shallow puddles. It’s like a water park for kids but instead its dogs that are having all the fun.

So if you’re furry one loves water than you’ve come to the right Pet Resort because our “Doggy Water Fun Park” is the only one of its kind in Australia.