Date: 2015

Name: Bella F

Breed: Kelpie X Doberman

Why did you first choose to use Akuna Pet Resort?

You came highly recommended.

What did you enjoy most about using Akuna Pet Resort?

I don’t have to worry about Bella.

Does your Pet have any ‘Special Needs’ that we accommodated during their stay? If so, how well did we cater to those needs? E.g. own food, medication, senior, puppy, behavioural issues etc.

Bella is a princess, was a stray from Singapore, can be very aggressive home here if anyone comes she doesn’t know. Once she knows you, she adores you. Very funny eater, if she is with Archie she watched him eat then guards her food instead of eating it. Very capable of human sulking.. Has a large vocabulary, can become very talkative.. Has her comforter called baby.

She has a chronic ear condition. I wipe her ears out using my finger and tissue and then a couple of drops into her ears, she doesn’t seem to mind, I do this every 2nd day.

She can be friendly to other dogs as long as they are not too big and she hates little white fluffy dogs (one bit her). She likes to race with a dog that will chase her.

She eats two small tubs of dine for breakfast and at night has meat that has been cut up and cooked or chicken (loves a roast) and has a meal of fish usually one of the oily fish, like mullet, a couple of times a week at least.

She loves big walks, she has a dog walker who takes her out for a couple of hours three times a week with 3 or 4 other dogs, one which she loves and they race all over the place.

Akuna – We love Bella coming to stay and are well skilled at accommodating her special needs – being unsure of new people, guarding her food, being comforted by a favourite toy, ongoing medication needs and her love of big walks.

It feels fantastic to have great systems in place for all of Bella’s Special needs.