Date: 2015

Name: Archie C

Breed: Miniature Poodle X Bichon Frise

Why did you first choose to use Akuna Pet Resort?

 My local vet said they usually didn’t recommend pet resorts themselves but they would pass on recommendations from their clients.  Akuna was mentioned as having been recommended by “some of their more discerning clients”.

What did you enjoy most about using Akuna Pet Resort?

Archie was happy and healthy on both occasions when he arrived back at home.  The second time he was picked up to go to Akuna he was happy to leave with the guy again.  And we REALLY appreciated the almost daily Instagram videos you guys sent us!

Does your Pet have any ‘Special Needs’ that we accommodated during their stay? If so, how well did we cater to those needs? E.g. own food, medication, senior, puppy, behavioral issues etc.

 No, not really. He does need his own food, it’s a special diet from the vet, so I appreciated being able to provide that.  And he loves cuddles – he’s definitely a ‘people’ dog and will often choose people over dogs when he’s choosing who to say hello to – so they were always gratefully received!

We’d love for you to share your favourite story about your pet (E.g. how they got their name or a funny thing that they have done!)

Archie was absolutely inexhaustible as a puppy and we often had to tie him up when people came round, especially when they brought kids.  The one exception was my son’s friend’s younger sister Neve, who was only 5 when she first met Archie.  Despite Archie being taller than her when he goes up on his hind legs (and he spends a lot of time like that) she ran him ragged all afternoon, laughing her head off, to the point where he actually hid to get away from her! After they had left, he lay down on the floor and passed out.  My husband said “look at him.  He’s been Neve’d!”