Date: 2015

Names: Belle & Ralph M

Breed: Miniature Schnauzers

When did you realise that Belle & Ralph had Special Needs (e.g. own food, daily medication, escape artist, sensitivity to cold or heat, fear aggressive, dog unfriendly)

My oldest dog Ralph is almost 15 years. He has always had very sensitive skin so it has been some years since he has needed medication and special skin treatments. As he got older he had more health issues successfully treated with medication and also he lost his sight and hearing. Nevertheless, he was happy and much loved. He had a serious accident last year as a result of which he needs more attention and care.

Given their special needs, did you feel comfortable trusting Akuna with Belle & Ralph’s holiday care? If yes – please share what we did to make you feel happy with your decision?

 Ralph has spent holidays at Akuna for about 13 years now and Belle about 8 years. I feel completely comfortable having them cared for at Akuna and there is no other place I believe would care for them in the same way, particularly Ralph with his special needs. Since he has his serious accident last year he has stayed at Akuna a couple of times and returned healthy and happy. Akuna send wonderful videos by email to me during the stay where I can see my precious dogs and feel confident that all is well.

Did we do a good job of meeting Belle & Ralph’s Special Needs during their holiday stay? If yes – would you recommend Akuna to other people with Special Needs Pets?

Akuna did an excellent job caring for Ralph’s special needs. I would, and I do, recommend them in the strongest possible way to others, especially those with precious dogs who need particular attention and special needs.