Date: 2015

Name: Buddy C

Breed: Labrador

Why did you first choose to use Akuna Pet Resort?

Recommended by our vet.

What did you enjoy most about using Akuna Pet Resort?

Personal attention, and Buddy doesn’t run with other dogs (that often ends badly)

Does your Pet have any ‘Special Needs’ that we accommodated during their stay? If so, how well did we cater to those needs? E.g. own food, medication, senior, puppy, behavioural issues etc.

Buddy is a poorly socialised, anxious rescue dog and the Akuna work with his special emotional needs without any problems, he loves the place.

We’d love for you to share your favourite story about your pet (E.g. how they got their name or a funny thing that they have done!)

We found out the hard way just how anxious Buddy is, especially about being left in the yard (he is an ex yard dog we think). I got home one day not long after we adopted Buddy to find him inside greeting me at the door. I thought that was a bit funny but assumed my husband had come home and let him in. When he came home he said ”no” he hadn’t been home in the meantime, so I assumed I had lost my mind or something and forgot I left him inside.

That evening when I went to bed I was shutting the curtain when I noticed a completely destroyed window screen. Buddy had broken into the house to be in his Happy Place!!!!!!

So now we let him stay inside, and every dog is happy.