Date: 2015

Names: Cassidy & Miss Jeanie P

Breed: Greyhound.

When did you realise that Cassidy & Miss Jeanie had Special Needs (e.g. own food, daily medication, allergies, sensitivity to cold or heat, high energy, dog unfriendly or just a little spoilt!)

Cassidy and Miss Jeanie are both rescue greyhounds who had vastly different previous lives. Miss Jeanie came to me a year ago as a 7 year old and was quite timid. She has had a few health problems since then and she, more so than Cassidy, has needed some ‘extra’ TLC. She needs lots of reassurance, sometimes her own food as dietary changes can upset her tummy, and is quite sensitive to the cold. Thunder storms absolutely freak her out to the point that she shakes quite uncontrollably. Both Cassidy and Miss Jeanie like short bursts of exercise and opportunities to run and play (as you can imagine). They are quite pampered at home in the hope that they both live out their lives in comfort as they give me so much love and affection.

Given their special needs, did you feel comfortable trusting Akuna with Cassidy & Miss Jeanie’s holiday care? If yes – please share what we did to make you feel happy with your decision?

Yes, absolutely. My previous dog Macca was regularly at Akuna, then Cassidy before I adopted Miss Jeanie. The staff are always friendly and make an effort to get down to ‘doggy’ level to make the dogs feel welcome and reassured when we arrive. Cassidy almost always does several laps of the office area when I drop him off or pick him up – he is never roused on for doing so, but met with friendly pats by the staff. Miss Jeanie is now following his lead. The staff have been patient and attentive as I have explained the dogs’ needs and latest ‘issues.’ Any request has been met with honest appraisal as to how they can help. The daily Instagram videos have reassured me that they are having a great time, being exercised and loved.

Did we do a good job of meeting Cassidy & Miss Jeanie’s Special Needs during their holiday stay? If yes – would you recommend Akuna to other people with Special Needs Pets?

Yes, I have always been happy with the way in which the staff has met Cassidy and Miss Jeanie’s needs – indeed I recently brought their Greyhound ‘cousins’ belonging to my son and daughter-in-law for a holiday stay as well. Four greyhounds, all with unique personalities and needs, were well cared for.