Date: 2015

Name: Charlie A

Breed: Tibetan Spaniel

When did you realise that Charlie had Special Needs (e.g. own food, daily medication, allergies, sensitivity to cold or heat, fear aggressive, dog unfriendly or just a little spoilt!)

 As Charlie became a senior (he will be 14yrs old this May 2015) we realised he had special needs. 2 smaller meals as opposed to one, sensitivity to any foods other than what he is used to, separation anxiety issues, deafness and howling if he is left alone for too long

Given their special needs, did you feel comfortable trusting Akuna with Charlie’s holiday care? If yes – please share what we did to make you feel happy with your decision?

Yes, we do feel comfortable leaving Charlie at Akuna. It is the best facility in the Hunter region with its grassy runs and clean/safe/warm accommodation. Charlie always comes home calm and clean. The staff have always taken on board our list of special needs for Charlie and change their normal schedule to accommodate his two feeding times. They have also mentioned if he has howled during his stay, which is comforting to know as we feel that they must attend to him during those times of stress, if possible. He seems to be remembered from visit to visit. Probably because of all that howling L

Did we do a good job of meeting Charlie’s Special Needs during their holiday stay? If yes – would you recommend Akuna to other people with Special Needs Pets?

Yes, as far as we can tell, Charlie has always been looked after well. Yes, we would definitely recommend Akuna to others with special needs dogs. And we think your daily Instagram videos are a great idea. We can see each day how he is going while we’re away J