Date: 2015

Name: Edwina F

Breed: Miniature Poodle

When did you realise that Edwina had Special Needs (e.g. own food, daily medication, allergies, sensitivity to cold or heat, high energy, dog unfriendly or just a little spoilt!)

When she was 2 years old she started having bouts of breathing difficulty

Given their special needs, did you feel comfortable trusting Akuna with Edwina’s holiday care? If yes – please share what we did to make you feel happy with your decision?

Yes. Being the caring and loving people at Akuna we knew they would help her when she needed her puffer and gentleness.

Did we do a good job of meeting Edwina’s Special Needs during their holiday stay? If yes – would you recommend Akuna to other people with Special Needs Pets?

 Definitely and we would certainly recommend Akuna to other people for everything.