Date: 2015

Names: Elliot & Doogie G

Breed: Terrier X

When did you realise that Elliot & Doogie had Special Needs (e.g. own food, daily medication, allergies, sensitivity to cold or heat, high energy, dog unfriendly or just a little spoilt!)

Elliot came to us late in life after living on a balcony for 8 years, so he needed spoiling, then as he got older he just needed looking after. His previous owners never even vaccinated him. You should have seen him when he realised he was inside, on a soft bed next to the heater. He stretched his little body out to feel every bit of his new doona and smiled.

Doogie was a rescue dog too. He came to us in 2001 and the vets couldn’t decide if he was 2 or 5. Either way he is now a little elderly and sometimes likes to just stare into the distance and then leap about like a puppy.

He has always been a picky eater and likes to check his food 2 or 3 times before he decides to actually eat it and because he has, we think, a bit of dementia, he will happily not eat and then get hungry later.

Both my elderly gentlemen are wobbly on their feet, blind-ish and a bit deaf so a gentle loving approach is needed

Given their special needs, did you feel comfortable trusting Akuna with Elliot & Doogie’s holiday care? If yes – please share what we did to make you feel happy with your decision?

Yes I do. The dogs came back healthy and happy. Loved the Instagram’s and the way the carer was gentle with them.

All contact with Akuna staff was positive and helpful.

Did we do a good job of meeting Elliot & Doogie’s Special Needs during their holiday stay? If yes – would you recommend Akuna to other people with Special Needs Pets?

I already have