Date: 2015

Names: Misha & Gizmo R

Breeds: Cat & Maltese X Cavalier King Charles

Why did you first choose to use Akuna Pet Resort?

We initially came to Akuna care as our cat Noodle had been refused care at another kennel. We were about to go away and were stuck. My sister spoke to her friend Kris Graham who had only praise for the team there. I called Ariel and explained the situation. Luckily there were some spots free and Noodle and Gizmo came to stay.

What did you enjoy most about using Akuna Pet Resort?

Both Noodle and Gizmo came back incredibly happy. When Noodle passed, the team was so wonderfully supportive and just so beautiful. We now have Misha who also loves it there. It is not uncommon for Gizmo to come home a little sad that he is no longer there. When he sees the van to pick him up he gets so excited that he runs on the spot. For our pets to be so happy and so loved is why we enjoy Akuna Care.

Does your Pet have any ‘Special Needs’ that we accommodated during their stay? If so, how well did we cater to those needs? E.g. own food, medication, senior, puppy, behavioral issues etc.

No, special needs….. Except maybe chicken… they both love chicken!

We’d love for you to share your favourite story about your pet (E.g. how they got their name or a funny thing that they have done!)

When Misha was just a young kitten, I left the house with some T-bones defrosting on the kitchen bench top. They were in a tray covered in glad wrap. I honestly felt she was too little to get up onto the bench top… I came home to find Gizmo sitting beside the kitchen bench with a T-bone in his mouth and Misha with one on the bench. Hurriedly I went to get them away from the steaks only for Gizmo to run away. Needless to say we did not have the steak for dinner.