Date: 2015

Name: Mitten M

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Why did you first choose to use Akuna Pet Resort?

We had received bad service at another boarding facility and our dog had previously used the ‘playground’ on a daily visit-the facilities looked very friendly and impressive.

What did you enjoy most about using Akuna Pet Resort?

The staff really seem to care about Mitten even though she is quite rude and snubs them! Also the facilities more than make up for the slightly higher charges

Does your Pet have any ‘Special Needs’ that we accommodated during their stay? If so, how well did we cater to those needs? E.g. own food, medication, senior, puppy, behavioral issues etc.

Mitten has no special needs but loves to get out of her cage and have a look around which she is encouraged to do

We’d love for you to share your favourite story about your pet (E.g. how they got their name or a funny thing that they have done!)

Mitten is very much head of our household, she does not have a favourite spot more like the whole house. This includes hiding in the linen cupboard, sleeping in open drawers and on occasions we have opened the pantry door to find her sound asleep inside