For many years we have been telling pet parents about how much fun their furry ones are having but really there is nothing like seeing something with your own eyes. So when the technology became available to send daily videos of holidaying pets to their parents wherever they were around the world, we got to work to make it possible.
The result is that since early 2014 every pet parent has received a free video postcard of their pet having a play, swim or cuddle every day.
So no more wondering if your pet is having a fun time, because you will see for yourself that’s exactly what’s happening! In fact they may well be having more fun that you!

Thank you so much for sending through daily videos – Ruby looks very happy!!!! We also wanted to comment on how the carers sound so lovely and really caring towards Ruby. We really appreciate that, especially when we are on a bit of a longer holiday. Your pet carers really love what they do. – Rachel and Michael


I am loving seeing instagrams of Moët each day. She certainly has a few choices of toys in the toy yard. Thank you for looking after her so well. – Maude


The instagrams have been wonderful and we have looked at them every morning without fail!  I have also been able to forward them to neighbours who have been missing Lilly as well! What a fantastic idea and it makes us feel much better about leaving our furry family member with you. – Mary and family


Hi there, just to say a quick thank you for the instagrams of Mishka and Sasha. We are loving to be able to see how good they are looking and Chris loves seeing the dogs. Thank you all and look forward to reuniting with the pooches soon. Thank you – Anne and Ivan

Mishka and Sasha

Thanks for sending the daily videos of Ash. We are enjoying seeing him running after balls and looking so happy. – Jo