Why choose Akuna? – Because we are the best and we care! Not just about your pet, but about you too. We know it can be hard choosing the right Pet Resort for your furry one. That’s why we’ll be here for you, making every step along the way, simple and stress free. 

At Akuna we offer so many wonderful things – warm spacious hotel rooms, big grass play yards, delicious treats, swims, belly rubs & bushwalks just to name a few.

We really have created the most amazing “Home away from home” for our dog & cat guests.


Akuna has such a fantastic reputation with vets, trainers & pet parents because we honestly provide the care, accommodation and fun activities that have been promised to you and your pet. You would expect this to be the case with all pet resorts but unfortunately a lot of cheating takes place within the pet boarding industry. Plus there’s no organisation checking on whether dogs, cats and their trusting pet parents are being lied to. This means unscrupulous pet resort owners can do whatever they like without getting caught. But don’t worry, at Akuna we are completely transparent in all areas of the care we provide your furry one and are genuinely committed to you and your pet receiving every bit of holiday care that’s been promised and paid for.

You pets happiness and wellbeing is our number one priority & we are proud to say that many of our furry guests return year after year. Bounding in the front door, super excited to see us again and get started on another fabulous holiday.

Free daily video of your pet having fun

For many years we have let pet parents know how much fun their pet is having, but really there is nothing like seeing something with your own eyes. That’s why when the technology became available to send pet parents a daily video we jumped at it. So now every pet parent receives a FREE daily video of their pet having fun! Really, what could be better than sitting by the pool, cocktail in hand, receiving a video postcard of your furry one having a good time?

Door to door chauffer service

A fantastic time saver – helping busy Pet Parents spend more time getting ready for their holiday and less time stuck in traffic doing the pet transporting themselves. Our chauffers conveniently come to your door five days per week and our office girls call the night before with a precise time the chauffer will arrive the next morning. It’s so easy to organise and is simply the best stress free way to get your holiday started.

Happy Pets

It’s what we do best. Every single thing we do at Akuna is about making sure your pets is safe, happy, having fun and being treated as the loved family member they are.

Please feel welcome to come and visit Akuna any time, and see for yourself how happy all our guests are. The proof really is in all the wagging tails you’ll see.

We understand your pets Breed Needs & Special Needs

Having run a Pet Resort for many years we understand that “different breeds have different needs”, ranging from heat sensitivity, difficulty with steps, high energy levels, coat brushing, eye cleaning etc. We have also noticed a massive increase in individual dogs “special needs”. Such as daily medication, own food due to allergies, behavioural problems, storm phobia, escape artists and much, much more…..

If your pet has a “special need” you will definitely require a high quality, professional and caring Pet Resort such as Akuna.

“Doggy Water Fun Park”

No other Pet Resort in Australia has a doggy “Water Fun Park” and that makes us feel very proud indeed, especially when we see how much fun our water loving guests are having. A year in the making we have created an aquatic playground perfect for dogs wanting to launch themselves into the deep end, but also wonderful for the many other dogs that prefer to bite at water jets & flop in the shallow puddles. All this and an ever changing basket of cool water toys!

And the best bit of all? – You’ll receive a free daily video, showing how much fun your water baby’s having. Summer has never been so fabulous!